Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Update

Happy Friday,

We leave on Sunday for Disney. YEAH!!!! I'm so excited for our son to take his first plane trip and his first trip to Disney. Family friends have given him maps and books and he has everything planned out where we're going when we get there. I can't wait for him to see Disney, he'll be blown away. Just thinking about not having my computer with me to blog and check the Cricut MB is killing me, but I know for sure I will be on my work email making sure everything is running smooth while I'm gone. So Bertha (that's the name I gave my laptop) will be staying home, but my mom will come by everyday to visit her and feed our precious little kitty Paige.

Some of you may have been having problems getting to my blog via the URL. It's because I have my own domain name and blogger has been having problems redirecting the to my .com page. I was happy to find out it's not just me and is a system problem. Thank goodness.

Now about this card. Does it look like a shirt? or pajamas? It was meant to be a shirt, but I'm thinking it looks like a pair of jammies my dad has. Ha!!!! I found a video how to do this on You Tube and she didn't post the instructions but I figured it out. What do you think cute?

Have a great Friday!
Happy Crafting


  1. Have a safe & fun trip Christina!!! I will admit, I will miss your tutorials..but so glad for your opportunity for a great summer trip!!!

    God Bless! (from the cricut MB)

  2. Have a wonderful vacation. How fun to go to Disney World.

    The card is great. Do you have the link to the YouTube video you saw?

  3. Have a great time at Disney. Love your card really cute

  4. Have fun at Disney. I love this card. I think it looks like a jammie shirt just because of the pattern of the paper.. it's super cute!!

  5. wonderful card, have a fun time and a safe trip to disney.

  6. You are going to have so much fun at Disney! My husband and I visit every year... We actually were married there last June and in March we were the Grand Marshals of the parade. It is such a special place. You will put those autograph books to great use! Have a blast!


  7. have a wonderful trip to Disney! It's gonna be so much fun and long are you guys gonna be gone? please share us some of your pictures while your at Disney. I'll be missing your tutorials, but I'm happy for you. keep safe! see you soon! =)

  8. Have a wonderful trip. You will have so much fun, just seeing the excitement through your little guy's eyes! Enjoy yourself, the boards will be here when you get back! Can't wait to see your Disney creations!!

    I like your shirt card and your wild card card.

  9. I love your shirt card. I left you a award on my blog.

  10. Hey Christina love the Shirt card and you give instruction's on making it?