Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cards with Christina-Video 7/19/09

I have a real simple Thank You card video today. It's so easy and you can use whatever image you want to make this card. I bee buzzing, a training cho'ing, or a simply butterfly would look great too. If you don't have a stamp for the stitching you can just use a black ultra thin tipped marker and make your own stitches.

Update: here is the link to the stamp set that has the stitching stamp.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Crafting! Christina


  1. What a great card!!!! I like the stitching stamp for the airplane, so cute.

  2. WE LOVE IT!!!! That plane is just adorable and the stitching completes it!! Hugs, T & K

  3. Adorable card. I love that scarlett jewel paper from pti. I love the stitching going towards the plane...

  4. That's a really cute card! I always love seeing the different cuts you use that I never noticed and then think, "OOooh, I need to cut that one out!" I thought that with that cute boat on the Father's Day card!

    Great job - clear instructions!!

    LOVE IT! Hugs, Joy

  5. That plane is so cute - I have that cart but never noticed it - can you tell me what settings you had on your Cricut to cut Papertrey's cardstock - I can't get it to cut. Thanks for your videos!

  6. The settings I use for PTI paper is pressure at the highest and blade depth at 5. The speed I change depending on how detailed the cut is. I usually always leave my speed on medium.