Monday, September 21, 2009

Wild Card Series #16-Swoop and Tied-up Cards

Here is #16 in the Wild Card Series. We are working our way through this entire cartridge.

Here are a few questions answered....

1. What cards should we cut first, before the envelope using the fit-to-page feature?
Rule of thumb is Trifold cards should be cut first. They are longer and need more space on your cardstock. Here is a list of the cards that we have done so far that should be cut using the fit to page feature, before you cut the envelope.
Scallop Card: Page 32
Invite Card: Page 36
Booklet Card: Page 38
Tied Up Card: Page 44

2. Can you use the original (baby bug) Cricut with the Wild Card cartridge?
Yes, just keep in mind that the cards will be much smaller than what I'm showing. The next video will feature a card cut using 6x12.

3. Why aren't you posting pictures of your completed card?
I haven't been posting pictures of my completed cards for 2 reasons. 1. I'm still learning how to use the Mac and the Iphoto software. I promise to get to it soon and start posting pics again. 2. I'm trying to make as many of these videos as quickly as I can, so I can start preparing for my guest design spot on Christmas with the Cricut in November.

4. Will you show how to use other cartridge?
Of course, but probably not like what I'm doing with the Wild Card series. My plan is to feature a cartridge every week with 2 videos each week. Send me your emails and comments about what cartridges you want me to feature and what it is you have a question on. I will start a list and work from there. That is if I have the cartridge.

Now here is you video for today:

Thanks for watching!


  1. Christina, I am really enjoying your series of the Wild Card cart ... you're doing a great job with the videos, and the cards are turning out super cute!

  2. Thanks again. Love seeing these made up.

    If you are getting tired of this cartridge maybe you could do other stuff and just do wc one day a week. Like Wildcard Wednesday or something.

  3. Christina,

    Thanks so much for your video series on this cartridge. Watching these videos made me want this cartridge. Now I just need to try to cut some of them, you make it seem so simple. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks so much for doing this series. I would like to request when you start another series to do two of the houses on Winter Woodland.

  5. Look forward to your videos everyday. Love this cartridge. It is great when you need a card really quick and you made it easy. I've had a hard time getting the sizing right. Thanks for the tips. It is saving me a lot of paper.

  6. If I haven't left a comment before shame on me. I did want to tell you that I am really enjoying your videos. Thanks for all of the help with these catridges. I will be back again and again


  7. Love them!! I really like the swoop card. I am going to make a bunch so I have a nice thank you card on hand. I would have never thought of it without you. Thanks. Sandy

  8. I just found you today, and am loving your videos. I am just wondering if the sizes of cards you are making can be put in the mail? Or do you know what size the cards have to be to be mailed? Thanks for the videos and your hard work.

  9. I'm having so much fun with this. Thanks again.

  10. I love that you're going through the whole cartridge! I've thought about it, but haven't even started. Oh well, I can live vicariously through your talents. Can't wait to see you on Christmas with the Cricut! Thanks! Pam

  11. I'm really enjoying your Wild Card series, Christina. Keep up the good work!! ;-)

  12. Oh, your video's are Fantastic. I really like the swoop card-That card would REALLY be PRETTY with 2-sided paper. Keep it up. When you have time I'd like see video's on the Bags Tags Boxes and more cartridge. Thanks

  13. Thank you so much. Feel like I ought to be paying you for the classes!!