Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Card and Video

Can you believe the holidays are so close....I think I'm ready.

Today's video features the Cricut Gypsy for the Gypsy Spot challenge site and the Cricut Christmas Solution Cartridge. This is a real simple card and as usual I had a little trouble tying a bow.

Here's the video:

I'll be back tomorrow with a Wild Card Series video. Have a great day.



  1. I love the colors you chose for this card. I too, struggle with bows, for some reason if I tie them upside down they turn out much better, don't know why, but it works for me.

  2. The card is beautiful and do not worry I am no good at all with bows either. I am a "Knotty" gal :-)

  3. Thanks for another great video!!! Let's face it, bows are hard!!! I think yours turned out really pretty, though!!!

  4. Great job Christina!!!!

    Did you hear that I gave you a shout out on my last My Pink Stamper Live show???

  5. Christina,

    I'm a newbee and I already love your cards. I've been watching all of your videos. You make it look so easy. Thank you!!!


  6. Christina,
    Bow tying can be hard. Try to do it like this... Remember when you were little and were learning to tie your shoes and you made your lases into two bunny ears and than tied them together? I found that my bows came out much better and more even this way. I love your card! Great video! Good luck with your bow tying :)
    Sandy R

  7. I just love that cartridge! Your card is great! I feel your pain on the bow tying...not one of my strong points either. Thanks, Pam

  8. That's very nice Christina !!

    Hugs Monique

  9. Christina,

    I really like your videos. I like the paper colors you used in your Noel card - earthy. I need to check out the quick stick?...I have a difficult time with small pieces of paper.
    Thank you

  10. Love it!! I was waitting for your videos thanks so much for taking the time to share with us.