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Wild Card Series #25-Hello, Star, and Wow Cards

Hi Everyone,
Here is another episode of the Wild Card Series. Today we are working on the Hello, Star and Wow cards. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting these.
    Your videos are so helpful to us

  2. Thanks for your detail exploration of this cart. I like the simplicity of your explantions.

  3. I love your videos, especially good for a newbie like myself, however I need help with my CE and my gypsy. I know you have a gypsy video, but how do I find it on your site?

    I just find WC videos and although I've ordered WC, I have received it as yet.

    I just need some basic cricut help and you seem to offer the very best videos I've seen. You should write a book or do a full length video just on Cricut E.

  4. Thanks for your help with Wild Card. I am really enjoying and learning a lot from your videos.

  5. These are great...thanks for showing all these different cards.

  6. I have really enjoyed every video you haved made this year. Hope to see more this new year

  7. Thanks Christina, This make it so much nicer to see it done, was wandering have I missed the gift card holder, have you done that one, I tried it was a flop. Anyway thanks!!

  8. love all of your inspiration. Thanks for taking the time. I am so going to do the hello card

  9. All three cards are so darned cute. I've made the Hello card before, and it was adorable. I like being able to see what all the cards look like. You've done a great job! Thank you for all the time you spend creating these videos for us. I appreciate it very much.

    aka RavensFan

  10. I am enjoyng this series soooo much. Thanks for taking the time to show these to us.

  11. my question... why do you always cut the card in the blackout feature?
    thanks for the videos, I've learned a lot!

  12. You are so cool thank you for creating each one and stating the size that really helps!


  13. Thank you so much for doing these videos! This cart rocks!

  14. I love all these cards. You do a great job. Thanks.

  15. Christina, thanks for doing this series.
    You have given me the inspiration to pull out this cartridge and actually use it.

    Can't wait to see more of your videos!

  16. Thank you again Christina. I know your almost close to the end of the wild card series. I hate it....... But still would love to see it done with the small cricut...

  17. Thanks again for your videos! I was wondering if you have any problems with the envelopes not having enough room for adhesive. I have run into that several times and it's so frustrating! Thanks again, Pam

  18. Another great job. Really enjoying all the card choices

  19. Hi Christina
    Thanks for continuing with this series on the wild card cartridge.
    The thing I find most flustrating is that not all the cards will stand up on their own because the fronts are not as deep as the backs!!.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  20. You are spoiling us w/these 3 cards in one video! I love it!! Thanks again for sharing!

  21. Love the cards and once again like your cardstock selection. Didn't realize the WOW card is on the cart...really need to get mine out and review.

  22. When I got this cartridge home, it didn't work for me. Now I'm getting it back out and starting over with it. I'm so glad that you are doing each card. It's nice to see the finished product. Thanks so much.

    Lee Ellen

  23. Hi. Thanks for the videos. They are helping with my Cricut Christmas withdrawal symptoms. I have made the star and WOW cards. I used the star card for a Christmas card and actually used the "WOW" card for a "MOM" card. Looked great when finished.

    Thanks again.

  24. Hi Christina:
    I just started watching your videos. You are great. The timing could'nt be better as I go the Wild Card Cartridge from my hubby for Christmas. I just have a quick question..... how do you determine what size to make you cards. I see that you cut various sizes.


  25. Thank you so much for the video. I just got my cricut . I do have the
    Wild Card.I would like to know if I can make the Graduation card on my"Personal Cricut"? It will only
    go up to 5 1/2.Thanks so much !!joan

  26. Thanks for all your hard work Christina. I for one love all the inspiration that you have given me. I'm making allot of cards with my WC cartridge right now for gifts. Many cards I wouldn't have used until I've seen your videos.
    Thanks again,