Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cri-Kits Single Line Fonts and SCAL2

Happy Thursday...
I have a new Cri-Kits project for you. Today we are using the new Single Line Fonts that Cri-kits now has available on their website. WOW does it work great with the pens.

OK now... please keep in mind that I'm very very new to the SCAL software...I'm still learning...


you can order your Cri-Kits pens, SCAL, and Single line fonts all from Cri-Kits....One stop shopping :)

Here are all the other Cri-Kits projects I've done so far....CLICK HERE


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  2. Great video. I also have the pens and SCAL2 and would love more videos on things to do with them. Thanks for making this one.


  3. Very nice Christina, I have the Design Studio (dont know it to well yet). Can I do this with the DS too.

  4. I don't have SCAL and I rarely use DS unless I'm welding or hiding lines... Is SCAL worth it?

  5. Thanks for this video. I am just learning the SCAL2 program too and also have the pens. (I won the SCAL2 from cool, huh?) I am loving it. I didn't know about hiding the layers, wow does that make some things a lot easier!!! Would love to see more videos with the SCAL and pens!

  6. Very interesting - I have a Mac, so I can't use Design Studio - I, too, would like to see more videos to see if I just HAVE to have SCAL, etc. Thanks for your time in creating these videos!!

  7. Christina, I love your videos. I do not have SCAL, but have thought seriously about getting it or Make the Cut. Keep the videos coming.-- Ryansmaama

  8. Wow love all that you showed. I have a Gypsy but not SCAL. I haven't gotten pens for my Cricut yet. I am really falling behind. Can I use the fonts with the Gypsy not that it has a hid feature?

  9. What fun! I don't have SCAL yet because I'm torn between SCAL and MTC. I really enjoyed your video and would like to see more BEGINNER videos on using SCAL. Your video really excited me, but I got a little lost with the termiology.

  10. Hi Christina, I just found your blog from doing a search for cards using the Wild Card cartridge. I did not realize you could break apart the dingbats with SCAL. I have to tell you, your videos are GREAT!!! They are very easy to follow and understand. Thanks so much for taking the time to make these for the rest of us to understand!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  11. wow I have not used those before. Thanks for sharing. I am growing my first time blog too. come visit. I am not that good yet, so I have to bribe people, lol. I will be checkin you out to learn

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