Tuesday, August 3, 2010

12x12 Cardstock~Tuesday Tips

Today's Tuesday Tips is more of a plea for HELP!

Right now I keep all my 12x12 cardstock and pattern paper that is not a part of a collection on my Jetmax cubes and I hate it.....Here is why....I have two or three shelves that keep collapsing. So what do you use?

What I would really love to have are the kind of shelving that you would find at scrap stores, but they are way to expensive for me....I had a tall black wire thing from Michael's (or was is ACMoore) and that wasn't very stable on my carpeting....

Now for my collections...Whenever I order a collection or particular paper line I keep them in this large basket, that I've had forever.

Loose paper, brads, mini pads etc all go in one of these clear 12x12 envelopes that I get from the dollar store.

I try to keep the most recent collections in the front of the basket. As I use the collections I will either move it to the back or take it out of the envelope and move it to my regular shelving/storage.

So does anyone have any good storage solutions for my 12x12 cardstock? I'm very happy with my collection storage and just the JetMax cubes that I'm looking to do something with....

HERE is a link to last weeks 8-1/2 x 11 storage tip...


  1. No sorry i am having the same problem as you and i bought an expensive set of shelves that they have in my local craft shop but the shelves collapse on this as well.

  2. Christina, I use a wire rack that I got at HL, then hubby built me a wood cabinet with a lock around it. I separate by color with cardstock then patterned paper under it. Does that make sense? So all my red cardstock and my red patterned paper are near one another.

  3. good morning Christina, this is what I ordered from paperwishes.com (except mine was black). I have 2 of them and they are a life saver. I hope this helps.

    Silver Rolling Rack

    Your new storage system! If you resolved to get organized this year, here’s help: the Silver Rolling Rack paper organizer is your solution. It can store over 1,700 sheets of paper. Cart is made of strong metal to endure wear and tear. Wheeled feet make it easy to move. Just add file folders (sold separately). Measures 26" tall, 17 1/2" wide, 15 1/4" deep.

    Part number: 7255610000

  4. For my 12 X 12 paper I use a chrome cart from Joann's online that is made just for cropper hoppers. ( I got it more than a year ago) I have all the solid colors together by color, then lose paper by seasons, then collections. I like the paper stored vertical. It is easier to see what I have.

  5. I have similar blocks and I like to use them with the shelves vertical instead of horizontal. It really works for me specially when I need the last paper on the pile!!! Maybe this will work for you.

  6. I use the 3 drawer system from Hobby Lobby. I buy them when they are on sale. They stack on top of each other. Why I prefer this system is because the paper stays clean and away from light.

  7. I wish I had an answer. I have one of those wire racks from Hobby Lobby but I really don't like it. It is OK for solid colors but I can never find the pattern paper I'm looking for and it is kind of wobbly and not nearly enough spaces and the spaces aren't wide enough for all my paper. Maybe I need less paper???? (What an awful thought!)

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  9. Hi Christina!

    I want to say that I beleive it is the challenge of ALL scrappers to reorganize due to the many purchases we make. Lol

    What I fould i love is the 12x12 file bags that are like accordian file in them not sure what they are called but they hold my paper really nicely and when I need to look through them I can but more importantly they are out of the sunlight.

    My solution for kits that have embellishments and things are to keep them in the plastic storage boxes right next to my desk.

    I have been recently searching as well and found allot of ladies are using Priority Mail boxes that can stand on a shelf vertically or horizontally they sort the paper by color. The fun part of these is that you can alter them with modge podge and pretty paper and color coordinate the paper content. The most important thing is you are re purposing something and using some of that paper to decorate it ---recycling with a purpose and its free!!

    Hope you get your storage solution soon cant wait to see what you finally decided to do your always so nifty!

    Have a great day!


  10. Hi Chrisina,
    I use the Croopper Hopper Vertical Storage on an expedite (From IKA).
    I also have the Jet Max cubes turned vertical. Both work great!
    Hope this helps,

  11. Hi Christina,
    I don't have a picture of my papperned paper but I stire it the exact same way as I do my solid paper http://noellescrapsalot.blogspot.com/2010/03/my-scrap-room-part-3.html
    When I use up enough of it that it isn't tight I usually shove a pad of paper in to keep it tight. I used to use the cropper hopper paper holders but pulling them out was a pain. I LOVE how easy it is to see the colors and just slide one out!

  12. I bought white 12 X12 hanging file folders off the internet and then my husband made me a file box which I painted. I organized my papers alphabetically and by style
    Best solution I have found.
    I would send you a picture but I don't know how to attach it to you comment blog

  13. Hi Christina,
    Your tip and technique offerings are so appreciated. I use the 12 x 12 plastic drawers made by Sterlite. I purchased mine at Joann's with a coupon but have since seen them at Target for I believe 11.99 which is about the same as the coupon price at Joann's. I think I really like this system. One of the reasons I especially like it is because it allows me to take a drawer out and bring it to my work area. This way I can look through a particular color and search for the perfect piece of paper. Some of the drawers I keep in their own rack but some are on shelves in my Crop in Style cube system.

  14. Hey Christina, have you tried turning them sideways? That would take all the weight off the shelves when they become slots. I use the clear plastic paper holders that you can get everywhere. I got mine at my lcc. But you can get them at mikes and ACmoore too. The whole set was only about $30. I need another set now, but they sit beautifully on my shelves and I haven't yet had trouble with the corners getting messed up. I can't remember the brand name, if you want it I'll search it out and get it to you. Good luck in your search.

  15. I have JetMax cubes. Like them for storage. How high do you have your cubes? You may need to turn the paper cubes that are collapsing
    vertical. If one of the side walls is warped, it needs help to mend. sg-KS

  16. I use the same thing as Marilyn...the 12x12 Sterlite drawers. They come in cubes of 3 drawers and stack one on top of the other very nicely. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $11.27 each. I used my label maker to label all of the drawers. And, like Marilyn said, you can pull the drawer out and take it to your work area...love that feature. The drawers come in 8.5 X 11 size also.

    Good luck with finding a system that is just right for you.

  17. I don't have an answer for you but I'm loving that you posted this questions since I'm still in the process of redoing my craft room.
    Hope you find a solution for your 12x12's.

  18. Hi Christina, I have the wire rack and that is were I have some paper. I have some in the 12x 12 Sterlite drawers and some in cubes. I do like the Sterlite drawers because you can take them to your desk like the other ladies have said. I just got a label maker and I am going to take Kristina's advice and label the drawers. Thanks Kristina and you too Christina for bringing this up.

  19. I don't know if this is a very "pretty" solution for you. Why not keep your Jetmax cubes and for the shelves that keep collasping just find some flat narrow wood pieces that you can put below each shelf that is collasping on the two side ends as support.

  20. Hi Christina,

    I've been redoing my scrap room and I use Scrapper Hopper vertical 12x12 paper organizers - $7.99 each. They are clear and you can put up to 400 sheets of paper or cardstock. To pull out a paper you just flip through the paper and pull out the one you want! I love mine.

    You can see them on my facebook page here:


    Happy crafting!

    Carmen Lucero

  21. Hello Christina,
    I recently bought the Jet Max cubes with the 5 shelves to store my cardstock and patterned paper pads in. I have mine turned vertically instead of horizontally. The cardstock is easy to find and pull out and stands up nicely in this position, so it's easy to pick through the whole pile this way.
    I also keep my 12x12 patterned paper pads in this storage. I found a great idea online for identifying the pads in the vertical position. I attach a Post-It file tab to one edge of the cardboard at the back of each pad and write the brand name and/or pattern paper name on the file tab. When I want a particular paper, it's easy to pull the tab and the whole paper pad slides out. I have the paper pads all facing one direction, so when they slide out I can easily see the front covers.
    Hope you find a solution that works for you.
    Take care,
    at verizon dot net

  22. I use the clear drawers that come in threes and stack on top of each other. I have four sets of them sitting on a dresser. They are organized by color and work very well for me. I like that you can pull a drawer out and bring it to the table to look through all of your paper. Good Luck.

  23. Hi Christina, have you heard of using the white wire storage cube systems you can buy at Target or Walmart and reconfiguring them? Go here for pics and instructions. They look kinda like the ones in the craft stores!


  24. Christina, try turning your JetMax cubes where they are vertical instead of horizontal? You would have to put more paper in each slot to keep it from curling probably but it might help you until you figure something else out.

    I use Vertical Paper holders (similar to the ones by Cropper Hopper) I bought mine online from Oriental Trader.


  25. If you go into my blog I have posted pictures of how I store my card stock and so far it is working out great for me.

  26. Christina,
    I have the Cropper Hopper Class Totes & Carts. This utilizes 12x12 hanging files. I organize my patterened paper by theme and my cardstock by color.
    I really love this system, as it keeps everything well organized as well as being covered keeps the dust and little kid fingers off my paper. I will try and take a couple of pictures today to email to you.
    Have a great day!

  27. I use magazine racks that I got from the Container Store. They are mesh and hang on the wall. Each one has 12 slots. I purchased them when they are on sale. Right now I have 3 of them and they hold 12 x 12 cardstock and my pattern paper.

    Since they are on the wall I just have to pull the pattern paper and then hold it up to the various cs and see what color I need. I organize the card stock by colors.

    You can see them @www.talentisoptional.com and search Woman Cave.

  28. I bought 12, 3 drawer units that I LOVE from WalMart. They are 12x12 and stack so nicely. I labeled them by color, pattern, glitter, etc. They are real sturdy and best of all...dust doesn't collect on my papers!
    Mary Ann

  29. Hi Christina,
    I LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations.
    I found the shelves your are looking for at a local scrapbook store that (was sadly) going out of business. I got 4 white wire shelves for $25 each. Check "CraigsList" in your area under "Arts & Crafts". That is where I found mine and I have also seen people who are moving selling them. Good Luck! :-)