Friday, August 20, 2010

Fabulous Friday with a video

Hi Everyone....
How about a fabulous Friday project? I finished organizing my room and that has made me feel so much better. I can see my work area again and I have room to move....The only thing left to do is ribbon. I need to clear out an entire drawer of ribbon and get them organized. Right now I can't even close the drawer....

Here is today's video using the Cricut Lite Bloom cartridge. I used my Gypsy to weld the image together and make a shape card. I did a video before on how to weld you can check that out here....

Cricut Expression, Cricut Gypsy, Cricut Lite Bloom Cartridge, Dark Chocolate Paper Trey Ink Cardstock, K&Co Roam Pattern Paper, Glossy Accents, Ribbon, ATG Gun, Glue Dots.


  1. Very cute card!! Great video, Thanks

  2. Cute card, and great video, glad you got your mojo back, I think I missed it more than you did :)


  3. After I clean up my craft area I always find I am ready to dive in again. Cute card.

  4. What a cute card - I keep forgetting how good these welded shaped cards look!! Thanks for another great video.

  5. Christina, here are some ribbon organization ideas that I heard about that may resolve your ribbon organization woes...

    I really like this first one but my room is tiny and I don't have space to store the containers right now... :o(

    and another idea

    For my organization and I am not done yet...I bought the Jumbo EZer Ribbon is MASSIVE and half full now! I had bought a box of ribbon for $3 from a fellow scrapbooker/card maker that was trying to purge her stash and WOW that was a STEAL for $3!! She has SO MUCH RIBBON in there...most new! that like I said filled up half the purse already!!

    Here is the link to the purse (the cheapest place I found it was overstock)

    Here is a pic from my blog that gives you a better idea on how big it is...I need to post an update of mine half full

    Hope this gives you ideas for your ribbon storage!

    I also have a question, at walmart, there are different types of Georgia Pacific paper for different types of jet, laser etc...what type do you buy to make the flower and that will take the ink the best? Does it matter what type?

    Thanks! -V

  6. Here is another ribbon option! If you like your ribbon to hang...

    Also, I noticed you changed your comment back to not allow the reply to a specific comment...was the new system not working well?

  7. so cute! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Very cute Card! Glad to see your Mojo has found it's way back to ya! :o) Thanks for the video!!!

  9. For someone who had lost her MOJO you did a great job. Glad you got your MOJO back.

  10. Oh I so like your videos. Thank you for all your time and trouble making them. The flower pot is adorable. I love shaped cards.
    Big hugs and welcome back.
    Mary Ann

  11. I too love shaped cards...this one's sooo pretty...great colors! TFS!

  12. Great cute little mojo sounds like your mojo is coming out off of it's vacation. Good to hear your chipper voice. Thanks

  13. Beautiful card! Thank you so much for sharing your projects/ideas with us.

  14. Well, you got it back! Super cute card. Thanks for sharing.--Ryansmaama

  15. Very cute card. I have to get the Bloom cartridge still. Glad to see you got your Mojo back.

  16. Glad the mail came with your mojo in it!! This is just a wonderful wonderful card!!! :)

  17. Is THAT NOT THE SUPER CUTEST CARD EVER!! Bonus is how super easy and fast it is too make!! LOVE IT!! I'm inspired to start making alot of those for the teachers when its appreciation day.. accompanied by a bouquet! :) thanks!

    with a grin,

  18. ADORABLE!!!! Now I want that cart! GREAT job my friend!
    Big Gypsy Hugs,

  19. great card. I really want that cartridge but just can't talk myself into buying it. Love the glossy accents. Adds the perfect touch.

  20. Very neat card. So glad your mojo is back!

  21. This is the cutest card I love how delicate it is.

    I have a small tip, I use the Diamond glaze which is the SU version of yours and it often gets air bubbles this happens when you shake it too much, so keeping it stable helps it. I have a tip for you, if you scotch tape a pin to the side of the bottle, it helps you to always have it handy when the nozzle gets clogged which happens often as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

    PS great ribbon storage?? I have a challenge, try not buying anymore and use the stock you have it will save much space don't you think?. lol :)