Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gypsy Series #9 Cutting Loading and Connecting

Hi Everyone,
It's the final video in the series. I hope you found the series helpful and please don't hesitate to ask questions. I'm here to help and will try my best to answer your questions...

The series:
Gypsy Series #1: Getting Started
Gypsy Series #2: Linking Cartridges
Gypsy Series #3: The Basics
Gypsy Series #4: Advanced Tabs
Gyspy Series #5: Creating, Saving, and Opening
Gypsy Series #6: Creating A Template
Gypsy Series #7: Welding Shadowing and layers
Gypsy Series #8:  Shaped card and overview

Big Hugs,


  1. Loved this series, I just got a Gypsy and it was very helpful, thanks for the info.

  2. Christina, thanks for taking the time to make these videos. A lot of things I had "kinda" figured out just playing around, but your videos helped me to fine tune my knowledge. Seems kind of selfish on our part to keep "picking your brain", but thanks for allowing us to do so. Have a wonderful week.--Ryansmaama

  3. OH my Goodness!! This would have been sooooo helpful when I first got my Gypsy. Thanks for all the time you spent making these videos. I'll view them many times to get better at using my Cricut with my Gypsy.
    Thanks Angela

  4. Thanks for taking the time to do this series. I have a question about "real dial size" in relation to your templates. I understand the yellow link with ratio size, but why do you select "real dial size" when you create the template, when you turn the link white, doesn't the ratio size take care of your proper sizing? Hopefully my question makes sense.

  5. Wow Christina, you've been busy!
    Thanks for all your work on these wonderful videos.

  6. Christina,
    Thank you so so much for the step by step for the Gypsy. Every one of your videos, I have learded something.
    I greatly appreciate it.

  7. I just got this in my email this morning. Terrific Gypsy Videos is a big help to me and I am sure a lot of others also. Thank You so much and God Bless You.....Sharon

  8. I have had my Gypsy for probably 6 months or more and the only thing I did was register it as I really didn't have a clue HOW to get started. Thank you for your wonderful series on how to use the Gypsy. Now if I can just get those 6 free cartridges to load, I'll be a happy crafter! Thanks again!
    Lana Cisinski

  9. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...
    I received my gypsy last Mother's day, but I had some many questions on how to use it that I put it back in its box. Now I know how to make my projects!!!


    Gina Lindsey

  10. Thank you sooo much!! I don't have a Gypsy, but after watching these videos, I think I can handle it. Very informative and you made it seem so easy.

  11. Great lil series of tutes.
    Thanks so much for taking the
    time to help us out.

    hugs, TR

  12. Thanks so much for doing these. I am a new Gypsy user and got a lot out of watching you. Thanks again

  13. Thanks for this series. I picked up a couple of great tips.

    One of the things I learned from Diane at Capadia, is to use multi-cut, set that at 2 and your images cut out like a dream.

  14. Hi Christina!!! Thanks a million for this series. I just got my expression 6mos ago and feel so overwhelmed and I love what the Gypsy can do (according to what I have seen) So my DH just got me a Gypsy in Sept. for my Bday and it is VERY intimidating. My DH did all the Computer stuff with linking and syncing and etc...but your videos have given me confidence to actually get started!!! Thanks again,

  15. THANK YOU!! I received a gypsy for christmas and was a little overwhelmed as to how to get started. This really gave me the fortitude to try some new things. THANKS and Happy New Year!

  16. Thank you so much for this wonderful set of tuts!!! I consider myself pretty confident around computers, but these demos helped TREMENDOUSLY!!! I love the fact that I can go back to refresh in certain areas if I need to!! I'm getting ready to cut my first layered "shape card" project!! Woo Hoo!!!
    Thanks, again!!!!!
    Susan Chong
    Thank you so much

  17. Hi Christina,

    I just finished watching the series and wanted to thank you. This was just great and I learned a lot, much more than I ever got from the "manual" that came with my Gypsy. Love everything you do!!

  18. Cristina Just found you through Top 40 for cricut and let me tell you: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! I just got my Gypsy and your series are just the most informative and helpful! Definetly going to follow you and subscribe to your Blog. God Bless and Thanks for all you do for us!!!

  19. found you while searching through youtube! Your videos are awesome! I am a new follower! Thanks!!

  20. Christina,
    Thank you so much for taking your precious time to make these video series. I recently purchased the Gypsy and your series has been a life saver in learning to use my gypsy.You are an excellent teacher and designer. You will never know how much I appreciate you!