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Hi All,
I'm kinda taking this week as a break from scrapping. Ethan's birthday is this coming weekend and the party will be here on Saturday night, so I have lots to get done over the next few days, but I thought I would just shot a video here and there of some scrappy related stuff.

Back in July (or was it June?) We took our first trip to IKEA and got my awesome desk. I just love this desk and would totally have two of them in my scraproom if I could. Since I cleaned up my desk today I thought I would finally show you what I did with it....ready....

Here is a link to the Copic caddy's that I use. They are great for just tools....

Maybe today my Paper Trey Ink order will finally come and I'll do a quick haul video for you...
Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Looks like you are super organized. I would love to play in your craft room.


  2. Christina,
    You are very organized. Everything looks great.
    I want more info on the red things that hold up your camera :)
    Please share

  3. I love it! You are so organized! Hope your PTI package comes today. I think mine is supposed to!

  4. Thx for the tour & ideas. What is on the wall to the right of your desk? It looked like it was holding border punches in cubbies & the video showed just the very bottom of it. It was above your IKEA rod. Thx

  5. Very Nice!!!! I love your pink mat...will have to check that out....thank you for all the tips....I like how you did your paper.....will have to try that....thank you for sharing....

  6. Hi, Christina. My craft room is a desk, a shelf, and a paper organizer in the back corner of our living room (we live in a 3-bedroom house and have 3 children), so I appreciate any organizational tips I can get. Your desk looks great, and I love the Copic organizers.

  7. Very organized space. I have a question. What cutter did you get that will cut chip board?

    Thanks for shareing.

  8. lOOKS LIKE A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE. I would like to come scrap in your room:)Have fun with the party.

  9. SO Nice and Organized Christina! Can you come rescue my room next?! LOL I don't know if you said the first time, but what is the name of your ikea desk? TFS!


  10. What is the name of the desk from IKEA? I'm teatering on whether to by an EZView desk, but the cost is stopping me. This desk is a close second and IKEA's prices are usually just right. :)

  11. I just ordered three of the color cubbies... I have copics all over the place and these are ideal. I hope studio 3 is giving you a cut.
    Thanks for sharing your desk space it is awesome!

  12. I love how organized you are, do you go to peoples houses, lol!! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Love the idea about the PTI paper! I am pretty sure I will be borrowing that idea from you :) Thanks for sharing!

    Yours TruLee

    Ann Marie


  14. Great desk orgainzation. I just got some magazine holders at Staples for 3$ each.
    I collect all these magazines, so I needed somewhere to put them.
    I made a little caddy for my pens and markers out of Chipboard and covered it with black paper. I based on those holders. But mine has 3 compartments across and 4 down. It held all my markers...until I got my new Bic ultra fine point markers. I love them! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks Christina. I knew that your desk would be totally tidy and organized. Love all that Papertrey goodness!

  16. Christina, can Papertrey Ink products be ordered online? I would love to have some of their things. The Copic marker holder is great!

  17. TFS :) love to see organizing ideas :)

  18. Your space looks great. I love the idea of sewing your own storage pockets! Thanks for sharing all your ideas and instructions!
    carolyn in nebraska

  19. Thanks so much for sharing your storage ideas. Love the color cubbies. Things always work better when you are well organized. I would also like to know about your camera set up. Please share. Also, what kind of lighting do you use. I think that is my biggest problem.

  20. I love your work space! Your desk is so organized and I love how neatly you have everything put away in its own place! I just ordered myself 3 of the copic holders so can't wait to get them in!

  21. I've named you in an award.

    Come by and pick it up.

    Thanks for what u do!


  22. Thanks Christina but I want to see it messy. LOL I sure wish mine looked like that.

  23. LOVE your organized space. I wish we had an Ikea near here. They have such great stuff, oh well :( I am using your page protecter idea for the PTI cardstock. I keep mine segregated from my cheap stuff, too! Dawn McVey, My Favorite Things, had the idea for the PTI die storage. She lives near me here in Kansas. Her blog is my favorite PTI blog. She has such great style.
    Now I am going to check out your copic storage site. I don't own a single Copic but I love how you used them for other things AWESOME.
    Christina, you are so generous to share with us, all your ideas. I appreciate you and your blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing

  24. Love how you have organized! I have a haul coming from Paper Trey Ink too. Loved the new releases, especially the doilies! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Thanks Christina for sharing your craft desk!! That was really neat. =)


    athnam at hotmail dot com

  26. The copic caddy looks very handy.what was on the wall over the paper punch holder? Clever idea with the paper towel holder.
    Esigmon at cox dot net

  27. Why are we so addicted to seeing other people's craft spaces? I think it's b/c most of us need to be super efficient w/ our space and surely someone out there has a great idea. And of course you do! Your desk looks so pretty and fun! Thanks for sharing! Love the die holder tip too!

  28. Hi Christina!!! WOW!!! I wish I had my own room. We live in less than 1000sq/ft and 3 daughters so my dining table has become the "meal" table, bill pay station, homework desk, craft studio, etc...I have to pack everything away and take it out each time I want to craft. BooHoo...Your craft room is one of the best I have seen...
    P.S. Dawn McVey was the PTI design team member who I saw the home made die holder from. I have it bookmarked so I can scraplift it someday.

  29. Love Love your space! Can I ask where you got the spinner for your ranger ink applicators?

  30. Nice room, I am blessed to have my own room also, thank you for the copic holder link, those are really nice, I'm going to have to get a couple of those.

  31. Hi Christina!

    Where did you get the green paper holders? Are those for 12x12 paper? I just bought a bunch of cropper hoppers vertical paper storage but I have been so busy with scrapbooking society that I haven't even had time to take them out of the box. I sure do like your green ones though!