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Cricut Expression 2: Episode #2 Cutting Images

Hi Everyone,
Two posts in one day. I couldn't leave you with only one video on the Cricut Expression 2....
To see the first video click HERE
Here is #2 in the series. We're gonna start diving into what the machine can do...



  1. Thanks you for the new videos, I should get mine tonight. Can't wait.

  2. Kinda like a gypsy and circuit all in one. I like some of the features like the return key and the sizing. It would be nice to see some of those features added to the gypsy. I love ,y gypsy. I can see why you are loving this machine.

  3. Thank You So Much for your E2 "How to" videos. I can't wait to see more. I watch so many of your videos and they have been so helpful.

  4. Oh Christina!!! I got mine on Friday and I have been trying to update my Gypsy for it and I am having trouble. This week is Teacher Appreciation week and since I am Teacher App. Seat on PTA...I have be BUSY with project and planning a HUGE luncheon for tomorrow...I can't wait for things to slow down so I can play.

  5. Mine is on its way today!! Great video,can't wait to see more! Hugs! Dina

  6. Hi Christine
    First of all, I want to say that I totally LOVE your videos and try and do them all.
    Glad you are doing the Cricut 2 series as I'm sure I will need that help when mine arrives.
    Can the Juke Box be used on this machine?
    Hugs, Flo

  7. Thank you for sharing this demostration on the E2 I do not have one but I enjoy learning how to operate one. Maybe in the future I will get one

  8. Christina... thanks so much.. you are doing even a better job then others... (you know what I mean)

    Very clear and I appreciate youre help with this videos.. cant wait to get mine and start playing..

    It looks Like you had yours express deliver... LOL


  9. Still not in love with the E2, but you are starting to soften me up a touch.

  10. Christina,
    Thank you for these videos.You make it so easy to follow.You are the best.Can't wait for my E2 to
    get here.
    Carol Magnusson

  11. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Even though I have the origonal Cricut Expression and the Gypsy, I was a little intimidated with all of the new goodies on the E2. I received mine today and after looking at your videos I am anxious to open the box. You are such a blessing.

  12. CHRISTINA thank you SO MUCH. You were GREAT!!! You were so clear and I understood EVERYTHING you explained. My machine should be here today. I check status it said out for delivery. I keep on looking out the window. Where's my E2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Great video!



  13. Thanks for your wonderful instruction and help. I don't get mine until May 16...Grrr, but I will sure put your videos to use then. I guess for now I will be utilizing your country life series in which you inspired me to order that cartridge which should be arriving this afternoon. Thanks a bunch :)

  14. I too am not sold on this E2 because, like someone above said, it's the G and E combined, sort of. And updating is always such a hassle. But I wouldn't miss one of your videos, Christina - whether I have the machine or any cartridge you're showing. You're always fascinating to watch.

    And to the follower who asked, I heard on HSN when the E2 was launched that yes, you can use the jukebox with it.

  15. Thanks for the video! Very timely. My new expression 2 was waiting on my door step when I got home from work today. Can't wait to start playing with it.

  16. Thanks for another great video! I can't wait for mine to get delivered!

  17. Great videos Christina...now after seeing these I am really sad that I didn't get my order in before they were sold out. :-( I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be offered again and I will be able to get one then. Thanks for all the great videos and ideas you give!!! I have learned so much from watching them!

  18. I love all your videos but do not want to watch this one because I'll want an E2 and can't afford to buy one. Whaaa.

  19. I saw both videos yesterday and thought I had left a comment. I just saw the videos again this morning and can't wait to get mine. It actually comes in some time today. I am so excited. I hope I love it. I hate my gypsy but hope I can grow to love this even though it is an expression with a gypsy built in.
    Thanks for sharing such great videos. You definitely make things easy for us to understand and follow.

    Do you plan on doing something for National Scrapbooking Day?

  20. Love all of your videos Christina! Thanks so much for taking the time to do them to help so many of us out! Thanks for pointing out the arrows at the top, I didn't even realize that they moved the cursor! lol Thanks again Christina, keep up the wonderful job on your videos!


  21. Thank you so much for another great information filled video.

  22. Hi, I have the original original Cricut and the Gypsy. I am looking into upgrading to either the Expression or the E2.... I am stumped as to which one to get!!! I have read very mixed reviews about the E2 and I don't want to make the wrong decision. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)