Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Top 10 Crafting Must Haves

Hi All,
I so wanted to have a video for you today and I sat down after Ethan went to bed last night to create and I just couldn't. Between an extremely busy week at work, my allergies, our poor sick kitty, and everyday life I was too tired, just couldn't come up with anything...So I decided it's time for me to share my...

Top 10 must haves for scrapping...These are some of the things you'll find on my desk when I'm working on a project. They are in no particular order...

1. ATG...I will admit when I first saw everyone buying the ATG I thought there is no way I'm paying $50 for a tape gun (that was before the pink one). NO NO NO! I will stick with my little tape runner...Then I caved and I have to say I'm glad I did...I love my ATG...I order my refills at Crop and Stick

2. Card stock...I started with Stampin' Up! (I was a hobby demo at the time) and then moved to Paper Trey Ink. I love PTI Card stock. I love all the colors but my faves are Aqua Mist, Sweet blush, lemon tart, and Ripe Avocado. I also can't live without Kraft and Vintage Cream. I'm always re-ordering those. I also love their white card stock for Copic markers.

3. Stamps...Well I love all stamps but Paper Trey Ink (If you couldn't tell) is my all time, top quality, must order on the 15th of every month favorite stamp company.

4. Cricut...You all know I love anything Cricut...I don't even need to tell you anything more than that.
5. Ink...Jenni Bowlin's ink has become a must have in my collection. There are 12 colors currently available and I hope she comes out with more soon.

6. Pattern Paper...OK I'm a total paper hoarder. I have a very hard time cutting into such beautiful papers. Sometimes I order two, one to keep and one to cut. LOL My favorite company that I like to have in my stash is October Afternoon.

7.  Scor Buddy, Scor pal, or Martha Stewart Scoreboard. You gotta have one of these. If you just make cards then the Scor Buddy is for you. Wanna try your hand at bigger projects like rosettes, boxes or envelopes then go with a 12x12 score board. I personally love all three of these.

8. QuickStik by QuicKutz. Oh those darn tiny Cricut pieces are so hard to pick up and place with my fat little fingers...Here are a few places you can order from... QuicKutz outlet, Cut at Home, (it's currently out of stock right now) and Amazon (but it's a little more pricey there). You can also purchase them at Hobby Lobby too.

9. Cuttlebug or Big Shot...I think both of these are great. I would recommend either of them. I use my Cuttlebug for embossing and quick cutting and my Big Shot for die cutting chipboard with my Sizzix dies.

10. Paper Trimmer...Desktop, quick reach, working on a card trimmer is Fiskar. I got this one many moons ago from Stampin' Up! and I love it. For chipboard...The jury is still out on my 12" Fiskar rotary trimmer that I got when I broke my favorite X-Acto trimmer. I just can't get the hang of it and I don't like that I have to swipe it back and forth several times to get it to cut. I tried a new blade and that didn't help...I think if I had to do it over again I would go back to the X-Acto trimmer.

OK well I hope you enjoyed my top 10 must haves for crafting.
Have a great Thursday...


  1. Thanks for your top 10 must haves list. I need to get the QuickStik by Quickutz.
    I like my Cricut. I'm still learning alot & watch alot of your wonderful videos for help.
    I started embossing with a brass template, stylus & lightbox of which I have the merry glo round and like alot since my first tiny lightbox that gets too hot when plugged in for small amts of time which I still do.

  2. I love your videos! Hope your week gets better! Allergies are really bad latley,hope yor kitty is ok! Hugs! Dina

  3. I hope your allergies get better real quick and that kitty gets well soon. Thanks for your list, i have nearly everything on it, i am the first one over here in West Aus in my craft group that has a ATG and i love it. I also love PTI and do order every 15th of the month but for some reason their intl postage is astronomical and i know that a lot of Aussies dont buy it because of the postage.
    Hope your weekend is a good one.

  4. So sorry for the bad week you are having. Feel better!

  5. Your so sweet, still managed to post even though you were super exhausted:) We love all your posts!!
    All of your top tens are right up there with mine! TFS!
    Hope you have a bettere day!!
    Sherrie K

  6. Great list! I think I have everything you've mentioned and I love every single one of those things you mentioned!
    Sorry this has been such a busy week for you and hope things get back to some normalcy for you soon!

  7. Thanks for the great post. You found a great price on the ATG refills. I love that you buy two packs of patterned paper, just cracks me up. I have the same problem, and never thought about buying two packs! I often think, if I didn't buy this paper I wouldn't have it, so why not use it? However, that thought passes too quickly and I reach for something else to use. Indeed, what if another project came up and I didn't have that "perfect match" paper? Take care.

  8. I have em all!! :)


  9. That's funny! I thought I was the only one who bought 2 of the same papers, one to keep and drool over and one to cut. =)

  10. Thank you for this list. I have to say that I was trying to figure out what it was that you used when messing with the tiny cuts and now I know. Thank you.. I have not yet used anything from pti and I cant wait to start ordering from them. I love your videos. Thank you again.
    ahaynes43055 at yahoo dot com

  11. Great list! Thanks for giving me a new ATG refill source :)
    I need to give the Jenni Bowlin ink!

  12. Thank goodness I have them. Do not feel like go out today. Working on a baby shower card;-)

  13. I like your tweezers too especially when working on small Cricut cuts. Thanks.

    Barb from Toronto, Canada

  14. Goodness gracious! Just reading and watching what you do is exhausting for me. Don't know how you do it. Your health (and maybe kitty's) is so important. Take care. Gail from Raleigh, NC

  15. I saw you use the QuickStik and HAD to have one. So must have half the scrapping world because everyone was sold out. Waiting for a new shipment so I can get one.

    Feel better and keep on blogging. Love everything you do.

  16. Sorry to hear things are a bit hectic right now, perhaps when the school year ends it will lighten up. Allergies are crazy, I don't normally have them but this year the itchy watery eyes are killing me. I think it's the crazy weather.
    Love the top 10 must haves, super helpful. Do you have a favorite trimmer for chipboard? I need more of a heavy duty trimmer soon.

  17. Most of your musthaves are mine! lol! Oh how i love my ATG gun! At first it was a little hard to get used to. Now I use it for EVERYTHING!

  18. The Tim Holtz 5" no-stick scissors rock! I'd walk through a snow storm for another pair if mine were lost or damaged.

  19. I am so sorry about your sweet kitty. I know how very hard it is when one of our "fur-babies" is sick. I hope things get better for you. Take care. Sandy C.

  20. Hi Christina, I hope you and your furry friend get better real soon. As for your top ten must haves, I've very excited to say I have them all and I won't need to run out and get anything. (I also have a doubles of some things forgetting that I have them when I go out to the craft store!) :) TFS

  21. Well imagine that.... those are the same as my 10 things! lol I love my MS scoreboard! I make envelopes all the time.Almost every card I make needs one. And the quick stick, what a life saver that is! TFS
    Hugs, Jessica

  22. My top 10 is the same, in a little different order. TFS

  23. Thanks for sharing on your top 10. I do have to agree with you on some things. The trimmers I can't seem to find the one that suits me. I am also a paper hoarder, actually we scrappers all are, but my favorite cardstock is the one Joanns sells coordinations. Love it. The ATG gun is great. The cricut I agree, I also love anything cricut except that GYPSY.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. I just used a 60% off coupon to get a new ATG gun. What a deal that was, only $17 and change! Oh yeah! Hurray for coupons! My only problem is that I love the 1/2" tape and I can't use it in my new gun. My other one is one my hubby got for me, he is a photographer and custom framer and I use it a lot in our business. Guess he'll just have to order me another one for that 1/2" tape that I have a whole box of eh? LOL!
    I'm a paper hoarder too. I usually buy single sheets and I learned a long time ago to buy 3 of what ever I get. 2 for a layout and one for whatever else I might come up with. I could probably scrap for the rest of my life and not have to buy another sheet of paper. But there are always more that I love!

  25. Very Well Said! I too thought the ATG Gun was too pricy, but saved and bought one anyway... I can't live without one now. Michaels puts them on sale every now and then I got a second one for $19.99. They are worth every penny. Plus the tape is so much cheaper that way!
    Thanks for all you do for us! You are one TERRIFIC lady!
    redheadworking at earthlink dot net

  26. Great list! I love my pink ATG. Very affordable.

  27. Love your list...what is 10?

  28. opps....see your tenth :o)

  29. Sorry you aren't up to par this week. My hubby has never had allergies until this year and he's sniffin and blowin all day. I have almost everything you have. I really like Stampin Up ink for how vivid the colors are and really like their solid colored papers over any others. Get well soon.

  30. I love your list and I agree with every single one of those items! I am always in search of the perfect paper trimmer...have had just about everyone out there! If you like a guillotine type trimmer you might like the Purple Cow 2 in 1. It's my favorite all time one! I'm not much for rotary trimmers either...the purple cow has a rotary attached to it that I don't use much but the guillotine part is great....and the guidelines are it are good too.
    Here's a picture of one:
    Costco sells them (at least in my area of the woods!).

  31. I love your list as well. So you are liking Jenni Bowlin ink, huh? I am still holding out for Papertrey Ink to re-release theirs. I have most of their colors and don't want to start over, again!
    Great, informative list
    Thanks for sharing


    PAT IN TX.