Friday, May 27, 2011

Piano Man Layout

Hi Everyone,
Well today will be a very very long day. I'm dropping Ethan off at school and then heading to work for 8am. I'll probably be spending the whole day helping get everything set for the fundraiser tonight that starts at 5pm. Hopefully I get a minute to run home and freshen up before the party begins.

Tomorrow we are heading to the cottage to start painting and getting the place opened for the summer. I'm hoping between my brother-in-law and myself we can get the place painted in one day. I've got my fingers crossed...I'd love to have two whole days with nothing to do...except laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping...Oh now why did I go and starting thinking about that...

Anyway, yesterday I had the afternoon to play and worked on a layout of Ethan. He started taking piano lessons about two summers ago and we decided that after a years worth of lessons it was time to get rid of the keyboard that he was practicing on and get him a real piano. My favorite picture is of him leaning on the door watching the guys unload it...He was so excited and he plays the piano beautifully.

Here is the layout and a few pictures. I can't believe how much Ethan has grown even from last year.

Piano man is cut from the Alphalicous Cricut Cartridge..I cut it in two layers at the same size and just off centered the letters so the black card stock would show under the orange card stock. 
 For the most part the layout is done with October Afternoon pattern paper. The music note paper is from Thrift Shop and the orange and white polka dots are from 5 & Dime...I also used a cream card stock for the base of the layout and a green for some accent.

I have to tell you I've been singing Piano Man (Billy Joel) for the past two days. For those of you that have heard me sing...well, as my dad always says "Sing by the door, we'll help you out"...

I'm really behind on my email....I hope to get caught up this weekend...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 
Hugs and happy crafting. 


  1. That's a really cute layout.

  2. Oh I LOVE IT!!!! Yes I have to agree....that picture is priceless. You already know how I feel about OA papers - LOVE THEM!!! Perfect title too sis...just LOVE everything about this layout!! Have a fabulous time this weekend and be safe. Hugs, T

  3. Awesome layout! I love the circles of music! Good luck tonight, and I hope you get your painting done quickly so you can relax. You deserve it!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. The layout is so cute. Ethan is cute waiting for his piano.
    I hope your weekend turns out to be everything you need it to be.

  5. How the layout...but Ethan is just to precious.....I will have to remember what your father would say to you....that was so it...tfs

  6. LOVE this layout!!! It is too cute! Please make sure you take some time for you this weekend. Burnout stinks!
    Have a blessed Memorial Weekend!

  7. Hello,
    thank you for showing your great LO:

  8. Very nice layout and I like the cute circle music notes, clever idea!
    Sherrie K

  9. LOVE your Dad's comment. I'll be using that one! I've always loved this one....You couldn't carry a tune if someone put it in a basket and handed it to you"

  10. I love the sheet music circles.

    Barb from Toronto, Canada

  11. Congrats music man! Sweet layout! Alphabalious is my favorite font!

  12. Don't feel too bad regarding your father's comments ... In Junior High School my choir teacher asked me if I'd rather play an instrument :( I still sing out loud anyway, ha, ha.
    Way to go Ethan! I'd love to hear you play on a video one of these days (hint, hint :)! I used to play the piano, but I've forgotten how to read music ... The mind is slowly going!

  13. Love the page and the ideas. My granddaughter has her piano concert in a couple of weeks so I'll get a few more great pics of her playing and all dressed up. Today I say a license plate with "P ano" Guess I could use that as a title too.

  14. Great layout! It's wonderful to see a young man interested in the arts. I wish I could hear him play. Keep up the practice Ethan, maybe I'll hear you play some day!

  15. This is fantastic! LOVE your circles of music.. very creative. I teach music, so I appreciate the fun ideas!
    Great job!
    redheadworking at earthlink dot net

  16. I hope all goes well at the library tonight. I have done research there and the staff was so helpful. I t is a treasure for Scranton to support.

    Get that painting done quickly so you can have some time to relax.

  17. Awesome lo! I always wanted to the learn how to play. He is fortunate.
    Esigmon at cox dot net

  18. Love the layout....I can remember when we got our piano eight years my daughter wants a Grand Piano...ugh :o)

  19. Great layout, Christina. Have a wonderful weekend.--Ryansmaama