Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Fun from ProvoCraft

Hi Everyone,
Today I'm excited to share with your some fun Father's Day projects from Provo Craft.
First a Father's Day Card

    • Cricut® Expression Personal Electronic Cutter
    • Cricut® Father’s Day cartridge
    • Blue cardstock
    • Brown cardstock
    • Printed cardstock (2 different coordinating sheets)
    • Adhesive
    • Dimensional tape
    • Ink
    • Paper cutter
    • Using paper cutter, cut blue cardstock into a 6” x 10” rectangle then fold in half.
    • Using paper cutter, cut printed cardstock into a 5 ½” x 5 ½” square
    • Using paper cutter, coordinating printed cardstock into a 5 ½” x 1” rectangle
    • Using Cricut® and Cricut® Father’s Day cartridge and brown cardstock, cut 3 ½” Father’s Day 
    • Using blue cardstock, cut 3 ½” Father’s Day layer
    • Ink all edges
Next is a #1 Dad's Day Box

    • Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter
    • Cricut® Father’s Day cartridge
    • Black cardstock
    • Blue cardstock
    • Printed cardstock
    • Adhesive
    • Dimensional tape
    • Paper cutter
    • Box 6” x 4” 
    • Using printed cardstock and paper cutter, cut four squares 5 ½” x 3 ½” and one square 5 ½” x 5 ½” 
    • Using coordinating printed cardstock and paper cutter, cut four squares 5” x 3” and one square 5” x 5”
    • Using Cricut®, Cricut® Father’s Day cartridge and black cardstock, cut 3” Poker, Can, Money and Pool Balls.  Cut 5” Background2.
    • Using printed cardstock, cut 3” PokerLyr, CanLyr, PoolballLyr, MoneyLyr.  Using printed cardstock, 
and a Father's Day Cake

    • Cricut Cake® Personal Electronic Cutter
    • Cricut® Martha Stewart Crafts™ Seasonal Cake Art cartridge
    • 10" x 5" Cake
    • Gum paste: brown, teal, aqua, light aqua
    • Buttercream frosting: turquoise
    • Food gel: brown
    • Toothpicks
    • Sugar glue
Cartridge Cuts:
    • Seasonal Cake Art cartridge
    • eight Fit to Length 5" star borders
    • eight Fit to Length 4.5" star banners
    • seventeen 1 ¾" circles with stars inside
    • two 1 ¾" best dad phrases
    • sixteen ½" stars
    • 2 ½" starburst
    • Designer Hints:Cut all images from gum paste, using pictures for color references. Remove excess gum paste from cutting mats and images. Save brown stars from borders. Let gum paste dry so that the cuts can be removed from the mat without being distorted.
        • Layer borders, banners, and stars together as shown using sugar glue.
        • Layer borders and banners to cake as shown.
        • Layer best dad phrases together. Stand phrase on top of the cake as shown.
        • Paint toothpicks with food gel. Let dry. Attach toothpicks to backs of stars. Place on top of cake as shown.

Now that looks like some fun...
Thanks for stopping by Hugs and Happy Crafting,


  1. AAAACCK! I can't see the photos here, but I can see photos you posted before.

  2. Oh Ok I get it now it was a general email sent to those who promote provo craft.... I saw these pics everywhere today...LOL confuse me there for a second.
    Have a great day.

  3. That must be quite the cartridge. That little box is so darn cute.