Monday, August 29, 2011

CWC (8/29/11) Cricut and Silhouette Compared

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Today I thought I would share some comparisons between the Cricut and the Silhouette. A lot of you asked why I picked up the Silhouette when I already have the Cricut. My main reason was I wanted to get back into making layouts and scrapping my family memories. I liked that I can order just the image that I need rather than buying a whole cartridge. I can use my computer fonts to create titles for my layouts, it cuts those little detailed images beautifully, and the Silhouette is nice and compact. Plus the software is Mac compatible.

Watch below | Watch on  You Tube

Thanks for watching and I hope today's video helped some of you that have been thinking about the Silhouette.
Hugs and see you back here next time


  1. GREAT VIDEO SIS!!!! You explained everything perfect :) Hugs, T

  2. great info thanks so much for sharing

  3. Thanks, Christina. Could you possibly show how it cuts computer fonts? I'd be really interested in that.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I'm like you...I love my Cricut but I'm always looking to "expand"! :)

  5. Thanks for the comparison. I am really interested. I hardly use my Cricut any more. I am not sure if I am just unhappy with Cricut and the bad cuts I sometimes get, or I have just moved on. I sure love PTI dies. They are more updated & not so cutsey.
    Thanks for sharing this information

  6. Thank you very, very much for this video!! It is so helpful to know about things before you invest in buying them.

  7. I agree with everyone's comments! Great video showing the differences between the two machines. I might have to put one on my wish list now:).
    Thank you very much for taking the time to make this very informative video!
    Hugs to you!

  8. Thank you for showing us this....I do have a question....
    You had said that it cuts small detail items...does it still cut those items now that your mat is not as sticky?? Or maybe that your blade is showing wear....

  9. Interesting video. I too like the crisp and detailed cuts that the Silhouette can do. Looking forward to seeing more videos on your latest product in your craft collection.

    Barb from Toronto, Canada

  10. Great video Christina... info that all crafter's appreciate seeing and hearing.

  11. Thanks Christina. I have a
    Cricut and have been thinking about buying the Silhouette for reasons you stated, plus I'd like to be able to print with it using my home printer. I'm really debating between the Silhouette and the Imagine. Have you had an experience printing using your home printer with the Silhouette?

  12. Great tutorial- Thanks. Does the Sihouette work with SCAL? That would definitely be a reason for me to waver from the Cricut. Would also love to see how the design program works as far as laying out your cuts. Maybe a future video? I love cricuts craft room so far. I prefer designing on my large computer screen(easier for me to see).

  13. Thank you for doing this video! I have been wondering how the two compaired. I think I am pretty interested in getting the Silhouette now!! I love my Cricut but I love that you can just purchase the exact cuts you want instead of a whole cartridge for one or two images!

  14. AWESOME VIDEO! I'ma also running SILstudio on my Mac and loooove it! I just got the gold membership at 20% off plus 5% off for paying the fee all upfront - woo wee! Love it!

    Question for you ... someone once told me that she stamps her stamps and scanned the stamped image next to a 1 inch x 1 inch square paper then uses SILstudio to create a mat for her stamps! The square is supposed to make ure she gets the exact size of the stamped image before making a slight "background".

    So she keeps her stamps in CD cases with pre-cut mats to stamp the image on in Copic ready Neenah white cardstock cut on her Silhouette!

    BAH! I haven't tried it but if you do and it works, I'll declare you my Guru for life ;) Are yyou up for the challenge?

    I love your art, your blog, and you! Thaks so much for keeping MY passion alive with your blog and videos.

  15. The Cricut expression 2 is not compatible with the Design Studio whether you have a Mac or not and neither is the Imagine but both work with the Cricut Gypsy with a Mac or PC. I did look at the silhouette but they never used to be Mac compatible when the Gypsy was launched so I went for that option and Cricut Craft Room looks good. Like someone else said I am always looking at new ideas though so now silhouette is Mac compatible its now an option. Thanks for the info ... very interesting

  16. I heard you can scan your own handwritting and then cut it on the Silhouette is that true? I do like the fact that you can buy just what you need not a whole cartridge.

  17. Thanks for sharing for this information. It is very helpful. I would love to get one. Every day I am afraid my Cricut is going to die. I know if it does I will be getting the Silhouette I have so much invested in my Cricut.

  18. Loved the video. It is a very tempting option to have when looking at a specific images or a handful of images without having to worry abot buying a whole cartridge, plus there is no storage issues as with the cricut cartridges!!! Don't get me wrong I love my cricut but there are days...

    ewokyoda at yahoo

    P.S. Have you tries lettering delights? I follow Under a Cherry Tree and she uses them alot.

  19. Thanks for the great video, Christina!! I love my cricut and cartridges but would also love to get the silhouette. Have heard so many nice things about it. And I absolutely love the many websites where you can just buy the single images or sets. Have you checked out Lettering Delights, SVG, or My Time Made Easy? They have some awesome images that you purchase very inexpensively and download and cut or print and cut with the silhouette.


  20. Great video and excellent comparison/explanation. I look forward to seeing more videos from you and your Silhouette.

    Your Memories Here

  21. Great video Christina! Can you use the Silhouette without a computer? Do you save images on an SD card? That is my biggest question as I would not want to have to have a computer with me all the time.