Monday, October 31, 2011

Craftroom Closet Makeover

Hi Everyone,
Happy Halloween,
Ethan will be getting dressed this morning for his school parade. I can't wait to see him as a 1950's greaser with his hair slicked...

Well Friday we got SNOW! already, it's very unusual for us to have snow this early. Flurries yes, but not 7 inches. At least it didn't stick to much to the streets and it's melted almost is some areas.

I've been waiting for a snow day to take everything out of my closet and paint it, then put up more shelving.

Here's what it looked like before.

I had five shelves and a cube organizer....
as you can see from the white sections on the walls, whoever owned the house before us, painted around the closet shelving that was in there. We took that down a while ago and added shelves. 

Now here's what it looks like
I painted the closet the same color as my room. Only took about an hour or so.
Scott did a little measuring and discovered that I could add shelving to the side wall, so now I have 10 shelves and was able to move tons of stuff from my room that I don't use with my everyday crafting to the closet. 

I was also able to add my JetMax cubes that I use for my Sizzix dies. 

Here's a better picture of the side wall.

Hope you have a great day :)


  1. That is fantastic!! Look at all that added space - WOOO HOOO!!!! Looks great sis! Hugs, T

  2. Looks terrifically neat and organized. I can never get ahead on mine - as soon as everything is neat and tidy, I work on a couple of projects.....

  3. Awesome!!!! You are so lucky to have a DH...who has bright ideas....and then do them.....awesome job it....need to do this to see what'ca got started...LOL

  4. Looks awesome!!! I'm in the process of redoing my tiny room too. Its taking alot longer then I thought lol

  5. what a great use of closet space. wish I had some room for that. Looks Great Christina. Smooches... Felicia

  6. I redid my closet some time ago and love how it turned out. It was deep and narrow so I ran the shelves from front to back on both sides, giving me lots of room and I don't have to move things to get to them. Incidentally, my closet also holds my painting, sewing and other crafting supplies so I HAD to be really organized.

  7. I love it! Sooooo organized, neat and tidy! Your husband is so good to you! Enjoy! I always feel more creative when I'm organized!

  8. Wow! More room for storage is always a crafter's dream! Nice job by the hubby!

  9. LOVE IT! I just love reading how others organize their stuff so I can get ideas. I am an organizer freak :) Enjoy your clean space!

  10. Looks so neat an organized! I think I need to re-do mine:)
    Sherrie K

  11. Looks great. Very organized I wish mine looked like this.

  12. will you please come to my house? I have a runaway train as a studio.
    Someday it's all going to fall on me and that will be that...except for the echo of my husband's "I told you so so so sooooooo."