Monday, October 3, 2011

CWC (10/3/11) Dreadful Treats w/video

Happy Monday :)
I'm finally getting myself back into my routine of videos on Monday's and Friday's. Feels like forever since I was able to do that. 

I ran to Staples this weekend and came across a display with some Halloween stickers and couldn't pass up legal sized black envelopes. I just couldn't resist making a 4" x 9-1/4" card. 

Here is your video for today :) Enjoy

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  1. YAY back to Monday and Friday vids!!!! YOU ROCK sis!! LOVE this card/envelope set - it's beautiful! Hugs, T

  2. Welcome back. I love all of your videos. Thanks so much for posting them. You’re a very big inspiration.


  3. Glad you're back ~ I really look forward to your daily post, and especially your videos!!!
    Love this card ~ very pretty, but simple to make! Even a novice like me can do this!

  4. Hi Christina. Great cute card!
    FYI - to take the stick off of a sticker without using powder; just press it onto your clothes a few times, and that should do the trick. The clothing fibers adhere to the adhesive. This seems to work for me ... I hope it helps you too;)

  5. love your videos, thanks for continuing to do those. Great card.

  6. Love this card. I am so Cricut dependent that I love it when I'm shown there was creativity before the cricut!

  7. really like the size of the card I get envelopes at staples all the time great color and sizes.

  8. Such a cute card! LOVE that paper pack! I love your idea of envelopes from Staples!
    You are amazing, Christina!

  9. This is a striking card, thanks for the video

  10. Very pretty Christina. Love the black envelope and card together. Smooches... Felicia

  11. Love your videos! That card is so adorable. Even the simple ones you make extraordinary.

  12. if you have the embossing buddy from SU, you can just rub that on the adhesive for the sticker. :) you can also just dip it in baby powder too.