Friday, October 7, 2011

Stamp Catalog

Happy Friday :)

About a week ago I posted a question about how you keep track of your stamps (Click HERE to see that post).

I had tried to organize mine once before in a binder but by category. I couldn't keep up with it. I prefer to keep my stamps in their original sets so I decided that I'm going to organize by company and then I can just flip through my binder and look at what I have. Most times I can remember what I have, but if I start ordering a few sets of a particular company I can't always remember what I've already ordered. I like that I'll be able to just flip through the binder and see what I have instead of having to rummage through CD cases or looking all over my clip-it-up.

Here's a video on how I'm putting this system together.

Watch below | Watch on You Tube

CD cases: the regular CD cases are getting harder and harder to find locally. Sometime I can find them really cheap at Big Lots. I did find a package of 12 at Staples but the price was crazy. I know there are lots of online stores that sell regular CD cases and I also  know you can buy them without the hub in the middle (the hub is what holds the CD in the case)...We buy them at work so I know you can get them online :)

I hope you have all have a great weekend.


  1. TY for the info. Okay on stamps, but how do you keep track of what's on Cricut cartridges? Now that's a challenge for me. I started once upon a time putting in a binder a list of which carts had phrases, cards, letters, particular shapes, etc., but didn't keep it up, and that was at least a dozen carts ago. I wonder if you or a followers has a suggestion.

  2. I found my CD cases at Office Depot. They are Memorex brand and they were a couple bucks. The only problem is they are only available in stores not online.

  3. Hi Christina. I keep tack of my stamps the same way but instead of stamping them onto the GP white, I place the stamp package on my printer and print it in black ink on the GP cardstock. Saves a bunch of time! hugs, eileen

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day;) Glad you like the sign! Thanks for sharing how you store your stamps! Organizational tips are always helpful! Thanks! Plus, I'm a big dork and didn't even think about using computer cardstock for my cricut! So thanks for that little tidbit!

  5. What a great idea.....I just thumb through all my stamps to find the ones I want to use...tfs

    PS Yes Wal-Mart still carries this card stock....and in other colors too....I used the white and black all the time...

  6. Hi Christina, You don't want to see my scrap area (scary!). At one time, I even thought about going all digital, but I just love working with all my tools and I know I would miss them! Anyway, thanks for the video - I don't want to clean my house, so maybe I will organize my stamps instead!

  7. Hi Christina, Thanks for sharing. Just wanted to say I’m doing a blog hop and add your blog to my page. Please stop by and see what you have inspired me to do. Thanks and join in on the hop for a chance to win some great goodies!

    AJ Scrapbook & Cards

  8. What a GREAT Idea! I need to do this with my stamps cause its been a couple of times where I buy the same stamp twice. I think next weekend I will be busy doing this. Thanks for the great tip.


  9. I have used this system for my digi images because they are on disks or my computer it is easier to keep track of them.
    Kim xXx