Thursday, November 10, 2011

Road Trip Layout

Hi Everyone,
Gonna keep this really short today. I'm running late for work :( Thank goodness we're off tomorrow. I'm in very much need of a three day weekend. Hopefully I'll get a little time to play with the new Cricut Craft Room program. If anyone has any tips on how to link the cartridges from my Gypsy to the Craft Room please let me know. I'm having a terrible time figuring it out....I also can't seem to get it to recognize my cartridges when I put them in the machine to cut???? Maybe a Mac Glitch???

Here is my layout...

Sorry this is so short,
Have a great day everyone :)
Big Hugs,


  1. I was "invited" into the now open Cricut Craft Room. Don't think I'll be linking cartridges, but maybe I will be able to cut a Smiley Card. Since day one I've had a security error on that cart and I've had several sessions with PC, none of which solved anything. Don't have a Mac,but I'll be checking your blog for whatever tidbits you share so generously.

  2. If you already linked your cartridges to your gypsy, which I did, at this time you cannot link them to the craftroom :-(

  3. What a GREAT l/o. Love this one, soooo cute!!!

  4. Hi Christina,

    This Road trip looks exciting, like some my deceased husband and I used to take. It is a very interresting page lay out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is an amazing layout!! Love the storyboard and those pictures are great!! Love ya bunches sis!! Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs, T (Ornament shopping has begun - woot woot!!!)

  6. I don't have a mac but I noticed that it takes about 20-30 seconds or more for the craft room to recognize the cartridge.
    I have had trouble with it recognizing the cricut if the USB connection isn't good but it works fine with the Design Studio???
    Looking forward to your tips on the Craft room.

  7. Great Layout! I don’t think I would want to link my carts to the craft room and not have them on my Gypsy. I think that you should have been able to link them both the gypsy and the craft room Provo Craft think about use for a min!

    Thanks for the tip Char52

  8. Wonderful L/O! My pc is giving a serious security warning - risks of viruses so I am undecided to take such a risk. Also, does anyone know if the craft room can be used with an iPad? That would sure be awesome. I am not computer savvy.

  9. I have linked all my cartridges to my Gypsy. That works best for me right now. I initially tried to open up the Craft Room on my Mac but it didn't work.

    Barb from Toronto, Canada

  10. Nice layout! I haven't used CCR yet. Will I not be able to use my carts on the CCR if they are already synced to my Gypsy? That seems crazy! I have also been having a hard time getting Cricut Sync to recognize my E2 when it's hooked up to my computer via USB even w/ the Norton firewall turned off. Any suggestions would ne great. PC couldn't help.
    Trish S.

  11. Hi Christina...nice layout. As for the CCR...I think I read somewhere that at this time you cannot link your cartridges to the CCR if you've already linked them to your gypsy. The CCR gives you an option to link your new carts to CCR but I'm going to opt NOT to do that. Not sure if that's why you are having a problem but I think they still have some glitches to take care of. I too had some trouble with it recognizing my carts or that the expression was connected but once I did the upgrate, rebooted and turned the machine on again, it workd well. Good Luck...I hope I helped a little. :o)

  12. Hi Christina,
    I had a chance to play around on cricut craftroom last night on my mac (but didn't try to print). You will find under "Notices" at the login window the following answer about linking gypsy carts to CCR:
    What if I have already linked cartridges to my Gypsy?
    At this time, cartridges that have been linked to a Gypsy cannot be directly linked to a account. We will soon announce how you will be able to transfer all the cartridges that are linked to your Gypsy to your account in one simple action.

    Hope this helps!

  13. oops, I meant to say didn't try to cut, not print!

  14. What a fantastic layout! The photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Great layout! I just love it. So glad I am following your blog now. I hope you will follow me back! I love scrapping, card making and cricuting! Off to check out more of your blog!

  16. I have tried CCR a couple of times but found it difficult to use. I will try it again in the future. I love my gypsy and it would be nice to have a larger screen to view. I still don't know which cords to use to hook up my mac to the cricut.
    Any tips you have will be much appreciated.
    Love your layout. Great photos too.


    I think you can link your cartridge to the craft room, but if it is already linked to your gypsy you can not. There's something in the notices about it, basicly letting you know that they are working on a feature to allow you to link to both but its not available at this time.

    What I do..

    In the craft room:

    1. I BOOKMARK all of the carts I have. How: LEFT TOOLS MENU> OPTIONS> 2nd tab CRAFTROOM> EDIT BOOKMARKS button second from the bottom. This will bring up a master list of cartridges and I can + (add) any I have> CONTINUE - my cartridges should be bookmarked now. (I can also remove carts here too).

    2. Now I Filter. How: BOTTOM TOOLS MENU under the FILTER drop down options (using the Overlay tab where this menu is actually labeled helps but the function is available from either Images or Overlay tabs), I choose BOOKMARKS.

    3. I DESIGN stuff now. I usually design with this filter on because I know I have the cut files available to me in my Gypsy. (Because I have bookmarked only what I have - however, I have also put what I am intending to get onto another filter option WISHLIST {found just under the Bookmarks option described earlier} - that way i can predesign too, or i can simply use any of the other filters to show me all of the other sets of carts that I can get)

    4. Then I SAVE file.

    5. I Go to OPEN, highlight saved file and EXPORT to computer as a GYPSY file. (This puts it onto my computer in a gypsy format and you can go get it and use it, or put it on your web page, or send to people too. Sharing Gypsy files would be an awesome way to get everyone in a class cutting the same thing too I guess.)

    6. To CUT: I load the file from my computer to my Gypsy and take that to either of my machines.

    (You can export the file to your computer as a Cricut project too - i "think" that probably allows you to cut from your computer.. but im not exactly sure - but i didnt want to phaff around finding all the other cords and figuring out if i needed the cartridges blah blah etc.. so i just went through my beloved Gypsy).

    If you have questions, or need me to talk it to you on msn or something, feel free to shoot me an email :)

    You are welcome to post this if you think it would be of help to anyone.. feel free to edit and clarify where you think necessary.


    ps. I could also be totally and entirely wrong because I have a PC not a MAC :) hehehehe

  18. ps. The reason i go through all that is so that I don't have to go and get all my individual carts from out of the deep dark recesses of my storage boxes.. i probably should have said that first :) hehe

  19. Like ebyn said, they are working on it. Here's a link from their facebook page giving all the details on it.

    One comment the offical "moderator" said was "A few questions on linking/sharing - Cartridges and Images will remain available on your Gypsy and also in Craft Room after syncing. You will be able to design and cut from both tools with the cartridges and images you own." Not sure if this means they've fixed it or not. I think I'll ask them and let you know.