Monday, January 16, 2012

Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Drawing and Text Tools (and comparison video reposted)

Hi Everyone,
Today starts a series of videos on "how to" with the Silhouette Studio program. There will be a new video every Monday with new tips and tricks to help you.

Today we are looking at the drawing and text tools on the Silhouette Studio program.

Watch below | Watch on You Tube


Hope you found this helpful.

I thought I would repost the comparison video of the Cricut and Silhouette SD. Keep in mind that there is now the Silhouette Cameo.

Watch Below | Watch on You Tube
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  1. Great video. I was wondering where one gets whatever one wants to cut with a Silhouette. So, you have to download a program, connect the Sil to your computer. Got it. This is not helping me holding back on buying yet another piece of equipment, namely, the Cameo. I can't wait to see what else you will be doing to tempt me further. Have a happy week.

  2. Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I haven't been brave enough to try print and cut yet, but today might be it!

  3. Thanks for doing this series! I have a cameo, but haven't played around with it enough to learn these tricks on my own. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Thank you for doing this series Christina... I'm debating on the Cameo and this will help me make a much more informed decision. Love your blog!

  5. Thanks for the video. The videos will help me decide whether I want to change over from my Cicut!!

  6. Christina, thank you for the video. Are you part of the Facebook group all things Silhoutte? I'm sure some of the ladies of the group would love to see your videos on the Cameo. Would you mind if I posted a link to your blog regarding your video? I wanted to get your permission prior to just posting it there.

  7. Christina, thanks so much for doing this video. I have Cameo on order - just waiting on it now. This will help me while I wait. Thanks again!!!

  8. Thank you for putting this video together. I am hearing a lot of good things about the Cameo. Looks pretty user friendly!

  9. Thanks so much for putting this video together. Very informational and look forward to watching more:) You really make it look easy! THANK YOU!!

    Sherrie K

  10. Well my silhouette cameo arrived today. I have set it up and begun to play. Did anyone deal with the stickiness of the mat? My paper ripped as I was removing it.