Monday, February 6, 2012

Silhouette Studio #3: Aligning and Duplicating Images

Hi Everyone,
I was working on my Project Life album Saturday and wanted to share with you a few tips on duplicating and aligning images. I hope this tutorial helps you...

Watch Below | Watch on You Tube

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Silhouette and Cricut Comparison Video
Silhouette Studio #1: Drawing and Text Boxes
Silhouette Studio #2: Image Library & Silhouette Store

Have a great day and enjoy the moments.

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  1. Friday can't get here fast enough hahahahah!!! Can't wait to pick up my Cameo!! Great video sis!! Hugs, T

  2. OK, I'm having serious thoughts that I might be needing a cameo!!!! Now if I could just sell my expression, I'd feel a little less guilty. Love your videos, when I do break down and get my cameo you can be sure I'll be watching these over and over. hugs, eileen

  3. My Cameo came in last week and I have had a wonderful time learning how to use it and blogging about it. It's been so much fun and I really think pretty easy to learn. I did do a cut from a free svg file I picked up the other day and I could certainly improve on tracing, etc so if you have any tips on that I'd love to hear them. I pulled in the SVG file and hit "cut" and nothing happened. LOL...then I learned you have to trace it. But I don't always know what options to use to get it to trace where I want and maybe NOT where I want!
    Thanks for the videos on the Silhouette...loving this series!



    These are great videos on the Silhouette Studio - I'm a newbie with the Cameo and I've got so much to learn and no time - these videos REALLY help!


  5. FANTASTIC tutorial. I too just got my cameo and am in the learning process. Your videos are VERY HELPFUL!! TFS

  6. Great videos.. I don't have a cameo but it's on my wish list

  7. Thanks for these videos. I am trying to talk myself into going ahead and ordering a Cameo. Think I need to sell my Imagine first to justify the purchase. Thanks again and can't wait until the next one.--Ryansmaama

  8. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for this video! I am just starting my PL for 2012 and am feeling a little overwhelmed as people have such cool pages & mines have just been very blehhhhh! Can you continue to make more video's on how & what you do to spruce up your PL pages...would totally help my unimaginative self! Thank you in advance! -Nay

  9. Thanks for these videos. I'm learning so much about my Cameo!!! They are so helpful.

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