Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project Live Weeks 1-12

Hi Everyone,
I'm posting my Monday post Sunday because today's video is a super long one showing my Project Life album up to week 12 and I knew it would take forever to upload to YouTube.

Watch Below | Watch on You Tube
I hope you all enjoyed my Project Life album up to week 12. I'll come back in a few weeks and share more.

Guess what...I already have this weeks Stampin' on Friday video ready to roll. I'm really on the ball this week. Hope you have a great Sunday/Monday.


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  2. (Sorry about the deleted message...I mistyped your name!)

    Peacock! :)
    I was saying it for you when you couldn't find the word but you couldn't hear me! LOL! Lovely artwork, Ethan.

    Great book, Christina....such a big project but you make it seem doable!

  3. I must really try to do this type project.Things have been so wild at work this year that I am afraid most of mine would be me trashed at the end of the day on the couch or something. My 8 hour days have been closer to 10 or more lately. Love your book. You really are inspireing me.

  4. Oh, the video was great,you have done an amazing job with your project life album and documenting all the fun stuff you and your family do. I have not started mines yet, too busy organizing the teeny space I have. I'm also on a tag swap and have to get busy with that. Hugs and god bless!

  5. Hi Christina,

    Great start... I have to say that I started about the same time as you! I have been working real hard to catch up with previous weeks. However, I am loving every moment of it. I take so long making scrapbook layouts, so this is helping me capture all of the moments that I want to remember! How did you do the big picture on your first page?

    Lindsey Cruz

  6. That looks like a fun project. If I made one it would help me remember what I have done when people ask me, what have you been up to.

  7. This is a really neat idea. I might give this type of project a try sometime. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. I just got my Clemintine Projest Life goodies in the mail. I have only made 2 photo albums in my life. I won't call them scrapbooks. Please help me! Can you tell me if Project Life is a daily scrapbook or weekly or whatever? Can I start in April or is that weird? I need a video on guidance to start because I need help with all of those little stickers they sent me. I feel overwelmed, but I want to make this so my 3 girls can look at it years from now and remember me when I was 47 years old. Please video or write back. Mary C.