Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Random Stuff

Hi All,
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend :)
I thought I would share some random scrappy related stuff and a few pictures. Let's hop right in.

App's I can't live without on my iPhone...
The first one I learned about from Teri who found it on Becky Higgins site. Here is a link to all of Becky's favorite apps.
Instagram...I love this app for photos and the different effects. You can take photos right from the app but I prefer to use the phone camera and then edit them in Instagram. I do that because Instagram makes the photo's square and if I want to use them the regular way I still can.
This is a picture I took of Scott this weekend.
Here's what it looked like using the camera app...
 and here is it with Instagram
I love this photo of Scott. He's my honey

Next is the HD camera app. I love love this app. It's a 13 megapixel app for the iphone4 and up. It takes wonderful pictures and now I have a pretty decent camera always ready for those little life moments.
Finally PS Express for editing...This also has some really neat borders and effects that you can use on your photos. It's a free app...if you upgrade you can then use the edit noise filter that takes away some the pixeled look you might get with your phone camera.

Okay now for some sites that I think you might like...
Teri told me about this one too...
Michelle Wooderson's blog is great if you are looking for Project Life Inspirations. OH MY she is amazing :) From Michele's blog I found this store BananaFishStudio. Oh yeah! I want it all...
I found this site Brown Paper Packages  when I was having my blog redone and she was linked up on Kim's site as someone in line to get a blog redo. It's fantastic for general crafty inspiration.
Here are a few more sites that I've mentioned before here on my blog that I thought I would share again.
Ali Edwards blog is filled with Project Life and so so much more.
Kerri Bradford: storyboards and silhouette files :)
Nichol Magouirk: Scrapbook inspiration

And now for a few photos from our weekend.
Saturday after all three of us went for our eye appointments we stopped at my favorite gift shop/greenhouse to pick up some Easter flowers for our parents. I fell in love with these orchids

Saturday evening we did our Easter eggs. 
I just had to take before and after shots. 

We tie dyed them this year...

 Ethan ready for church Sunday morning...Every time I see a picture of him I think "WOW is he getting big really fast".

After Easter dinner at my parents we went for a walk to work off that ham...

All of the above photos I took with my phone. My other Easter pictures are on my camera still.

I hope you have a great day.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! Thanks for the iPhone apps...I have Instagram and it is way cool, isn't it? Another good camera one that is free is Camera Awesome. You know how the iPhone has the delay in tripping the shutter?...this has a thing where you get instant shot with the shutter tripping instantly...can even put it in continuous shooting. (so good for me with my ever moving grandkids!) It even has a "leveler" so you can keep your horizon straight. And it has some nice effects too. Anyway, I saw it featured on the Today Show one day and have used it a lot since then.
    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your links. I will have to put off some cleaning until I check them all out:) Have you tried the app 100 cameras? you take a photo or import one then there are 100 layers you can use to enhance the photo. You can add multiple layers. It is lots of fun.

  3. Hey sis!!! OMG my BIL and nephew are just the most handsome boys EVER!!!!! Love all the pictures. Never thought about taking them on the camera and then transferring them to Instagram....Love the idea ;) Oh and those Orchids....I think I "NEED" a yellow one for my collection. Great weekend sis....great PL moments!!!
    Love ya bunches, T

  4. That is a lot to check out. I already bought the HD Camera! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Have you tried printing out the instagram photos yet? I tried through walmart and they did not turn out at all. Any advice would really help as I would really like to be able to print of some of my pictures.

  6. Glad you had a nice Easter. The Orchids are gorgeous.