Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project Life Questions Answered

Hi Everyone,
I received lots of questions yesterday regarding project life here and on YouTube that I thought I would make one post to answer this all.

1. How do I have time to do it all? To be honest I have no idea :) I do work full time and have a family. This time of year its easy for me to spend a Sunday afternoon working on Project Life since the weather seems to be back and forth from 50's to 80's. Once the warmer weather is offically here that might change. You may have noticed as well that I'm really only doing one video a week now with an extra one thrown in every once in a while. I used to blog everyday too and I cut back on that a lot. I also get a little bit of playtime in the evenings after Ethan has gone to bed.
2. Do you print your pictures at home? Yes I do.
3. What kind of printer do you use? I have a Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark II printer and I love it.

I was worried the ink would be too expensive (it take 8 different inks) but I found a great site called LD Products that I can buy all 8 cartridges for under $50. They are an off brand ink but they work just as well and the Canon brand and costs about $100 less.
4. How often do you print your pictures? I usually print them when I'm ready to start working on PL.
5. How do use the Kerri Bradford picture boards? Check out Kerri's video here. The only difference is I use Photoshop Elements 10 as my software. What I like about the storyboards is I can use a ton more pictures on my layouts.
6. Do you print them yourself? Yes I do using my above mentioned printer :)
7. Are the storyboards expensive? No not really, you get a few different design options for $10. Perfect timing on this question because Kerri is having a sale on her site for the storyboard. They are on sale for $7. This might be a today only sale?  Here is a link to Kerri's site. 
8. The Kerri Bradford kits, are they cut on the Silhouette? Yes I use them on my Silhouette but she also sends them in an SVG format as well.
9. Where did I find the sheet protectors with the different sections? I'm using the Becky Higgins page protectors. You can find them HERE. July there will be new styles coming out...Can't wait for those :)

Okay I think I answered them all. Pardon the grammar and spelling is mistakes. I'll come back later and fix them. Gotta run...
If you have anymore questions please email me or leave a comment below.
Hugs and have a great Tuesday :)


  1. Thank you Christina for sharing all the info. I am very interesting in this project life & think it is a wonderful idea. Love all your work! Have a wonderful day! lindagk23

  2. Christina thank you so much for answering these questions! *hugs*


  3. Thanks for all of the information!!!
    Sandy R. MN

  4. Oh sis, I'm so happy you're spending more time working on Project Life projects. It's so hard to work full time, attend to a family and craft all at the same time. We have to choose wisely when making decisions on crafting......that's why I personally have chosen PL over all other crafts. The day to day / week to week memories we are creating for our families are PRICELESS!!! Can't wait to see more of your album. YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION!! Hugs, T

  5. I have this same printer and it all of a sudden does not work. It will not turn on. I have checked all connections. Has this ever happened to you? Any advice would be appreciated. Many Thanks!!