Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Organizing embellishments

Hi Everyone,
I can't go to Staples without buying something from the Martha Stewart line. I just love this stuff for organizing my crafty goodies. I had to clean up my room from a major mess that I made Sunday and decided to work a little with my Martha Stewart stuff to make things a little easier to get at.

I've been buying these pieces little by little and  eventually built up to two nice little embellishment centers that I have on a book shelf and can easily move to my desk when I'm working.
This first one is three pieces. A larger sorter, a small 4 compartment sorter, and a drawer piece.
I use this one to store journaling tags etc. 

The drawer has a little mish mash of things that I wasn't ready to stick in my Alex's drawers yet...

Some of the loose journaling tags I have I put in a glassine bag.

This is the 2nd unit.
It's the same as above but it's just an open shelf on the button and not a drawer.

This one I use to store all my label and sticker embellishment. 
The larger section in the back is perfect to October Afternoon sticker sheets and the front compartments are great for all those little sticker sheets like the JilliBean soup ones...

The bottom section of this one is great for my newer 6x6 paper pads. 

Stop by Staples and check out this awesome stuff. I have a feeling I'll be buying more since it's almost time to start back to school supply shopping.
Hugs and happy crafting,


  1. Terrific idea. Have to check these out myself. Thanks, Christina.

  2. I use the same desktop organizer for my most used stamps and stuff. I have pics in my gallery at 2 peas.

  3. Great job especially using glassine bags to store small tags, etc. I recently organized my entire craft desk...but only after I spilled a cup of coffee. Darn it but at least I made the time to re-think my desktop collection of pens, embellishments and other implements that I didn't need there. I'm sure many of you have similar stories of spills.

    Barb from Toronto, Canada

  4. It's a sin to covet..but I don't! I am happy for you that you are getting your things so organized! It will happen for me someday! =) A couple months ago...a couple pieces at a time, we got like 2 kitchen cabinets, with double doors that are overhead on the wall, over a 9' formica counter top which is on top of 2 sets of drawers & cabinets with 2 shelves in one & 3 shelves in the middle, and 3 drawers on each side. I then moved my nine ft. "conference worktable" along the other wall. Also added a bath vanity with 2 drawers on each side & double doors cabinet in the middle. This is also topped by a formica counter. My dh cut the section out usually used for plumbing & made one long drawer in it. Sounds great, right? It really is, but I keep organizing & reorganizing trying to get things right. I also more then ever, have learned "out of sight, out of mind!" I truly forget some things....part of this is due to age & another to "Fibro Fog." It is still a work in progress! =) Thanks for sharing your organizing. Forgot my dh thrift store great find. Made out of compressed cardboard, about 2' open on the top which I made one big shelf & one little. There are 42 little shelves below about 2 1/2inches high & a foot deep. He paid $5 for it. Yes, that is organized. Even have an index sheet made for it. Wonderful! Wonderful! =)

  5. Cool idea! Now I have a good reason to shop at Staples. Love how you organized your stuff.

  6. O_O I love, I want, I NEED!!! I could really use one of these on my desk but WHERE? hahahaha

    Love your PL section sis - it's just FABULOUS!!!

    Hugs, T