Friday, July 20, 2012

Stampin' on Friday (7/20/12) Make Lemonade

Hi Everyone,
Happy Friday :) we are heading to the lake again this weekend and I need your help...I want to pack some crafty supplies to work on in case it's raining...what do I pack? How do you plan what to take? What do you take with you? What do I put my tools in? How do you pack your paper? Do you make kits? I've only ever scrapped at home so I'm totally clueless when it comes to packing for scrapping on the go...HELP!!!!

Here we go with today's Stampin' on Friday video. Enjoy :)
Watch Below | Watch on You Tube

Here's a picture of the finished card...Honestly the pink on the lemonade doesn't look that bright in person. Just the photo :(
Thanks everyone in advance for your helpful tips on what to pack for scrapping on the go :)
I'll be back tomorrow with a haul video (or two).
Hugs and happy crafting,



  1. Have a great weekend!!! If you have those plastic 12 x 12 folders, they do well for a weekend away especially if you stick to maybe just one week of your scrapbook. I would put all the papers, embellishments, etc. into that with maybe a roll or two of adhesive. I prefer to scrap/craft at home since I know where everything is - nothing is worse than being at a crop with THE perfect paper, embellishment, etc is at home. Or just take magazines for ideas and some of your rolodex cards to jot ideas for future card/layout ideas.

  2. The farthest I travel with any project is from my craft area in the basement to the first floor of my house (the den) and I use a tray to put what I think I'll need on it and 99 times out of a hundred I forget something. I still can't figure out how these women pack for crops, but I'm sure going to watch your blog to see what I can learn from others.

  3. I'm sorry - I should have told you how terrific I think your card is!

  4. This is what I do. I bought a plastic case from Michaels that 12 x 12 paper fits in. You can put several projects in it. It is about 4 inches deep. It works as a drawing/coloring surface too. I carry digis and me copics, a small scissors, glue, and small glue runner in mine. i put a small paper trimmer and score pal in a canvas bag with whatever else i think I may need. It is best to take what you need for a few projects. Try not to take big or heavy items. Pack light and simple is best. Edwina Brown

  5. I try to think of a project-rather than pages to take away with me. Or, if I have some type of kit that I have purchased... I also like those 12X12 bins-they hold alot but are compact! have fun :)

  6. Adorable card...such a cute stamp set!
    I crop on the go a lot~! It took me years to figure out I don't need to take everything....and what I do is do what I can and then complete layouts/cards when I get home. If I have time I also preplan pages/cards and try to make sure I have what I need for those. But if I don't have the perfect color ribbon or the perfect embellishment....I just do what I can and then finish up at home.
    Have fun!


  7. Pre-planning is key for me. I use the 12x12 folders for pre-planned pages and just bring what I need to finish. My lap top comes with me so I can do any writing/printing photos and save to a file so I can print at home. I do this when we go camping and as many know there isn't much room in a camper Ha Ha. Love the card and video. Hope you have a gret weekend, it is going to be hot here.
    Sandy R. MN

  8. I go to club every Monday and here is how I pack:
    I have 2 plans. If I want to color I just take pre-stamped images in a plastic clipboard box(from Walmart) and Prisma Color Pencils that are in a case from CarpeDiem.
    Anything else I prep kits in the 12 X 12 plastic envies from Michaels. Items are grouped by project and small items have a small baggie. Small tools go in an old Tupperware that has sections and a lift out tray. Tools(crop a dile, ruler,etc) are loaded in garden tote (from Ace Hardware)pockets and the kits are loaded in the center section. No Big Shot, too heavy. All dies are cut at home.
    JanJ AZ

  9. This is a great time to do some coloring and you don’t have to bring much with you. You can tote along your copics in a ziplock bag. Stamp some great coloring images on cardstock multiple times each. You can then sit anywhere and color them in with different colors schemes while you relax on your trip - bring along some scissors for trimming out the images. Great video as always – thanks for continuing to inspire us all.

  10. Super cute card! I really like the striped paper. When I pack for a weekend scrap, I try to think of the project and build a page "kit" for each one, including way more stuff than I think I'll need. I try to keep the tools to my favorites only as they get heavy. I hope you have a good time at the lake!

  11. I just took a project with me camping a couple of weeks ago and for the most part, it worked out great! I had one of those Iris 12x12 plastic bins and I put my paper, embellishments, scissors, punches, etc. in that. I took a couple of Cricut carts and my machine. It really made me stretch my imagination to work with just what I had there and not over think and be overwhelmed with choices. If I was missing anything major (or that "perfect" embellishment), I just added it when I got home. I really enjoyed having something to work on made my relaxing vacation time, a little bit more relaxing!

  12. Hello Christina! Luv the friday videos....I always put togther kits when I travel to crops...that way I am more productive...and I know what kind of progress I am making...get the 12x12 super large zip lock bags...(found at Taget)...hope your weekend is filled with inspiration, creativity and oh yeah lots of fun!!!

  13. The more supplies I have acquired the more I have found the need to make sets if I am going to work someplace other than home. I rough design what I am going to do, pull my papers, make my cuts, pull my possible embellishments and go with a small carry bag instead of tons of stuff.

  14. I picked up a terrific tool carrier at Sears, open on top, about 13x10 that has pockets on one outside and both short ends. It's perfect for my craft supplies, I'm amazed at how much it will carry and how organized it is. I put things in file folders in it, but it carries my colored pencils, my Gypsy, scissors, adhesives (even my ATG) and more. I think it cost me around $12.95??