Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stamp Storage Update

Hi Everyone,
We made it through the storm. The wind Monday night was unreal and we did have a little damage to the house but nothing major. We are all safe and I'm glad its over. The one thing that scares me the most is wind....

For the past few weeks little by little I've been working on my stamp storage. My dvd/cd racks from Ikea had gotten pretty filled and I still had two buckets of stamps on my desk that where not in cases. So I decided it was time to get working on them and get all my stamps back in one place.

Here is a video on how my system looks now.
Watch below | Watch on You Tube

I can't remember who I found out about the DVD cases from but thank you.  I ordered the cases from They have quick shipping services and I usually get them within 3-4 days, I've ordered from them a few times and I have yet to get a broken case.
You can also pick up cd cases from them as well. If you want to save a little money order the cases without the hub (tray), I haven't tried these cases yet so I can't speak for them. Remember you don't want to order the slimline cases they are too thin.

Some storm pictures.
We have this ugly planter on the side of our house right at the end of the driveway and those rail ties are all bolted together, two of them came off and if you look in the upper left corner that is my car. Didn't hit it but was really close.

We lost some siding. All night long that is all I heard. Bang, Bang, Bang Scott finally had to go outside at 1:30 in the morning and grab one piece that was hanging down making the most noise.

Some of our siding we found was in the neighbors yard...

Thats all I have for today. Have a great day everyone :)
Hugs and happy crafting, 


  1. Glad you guys are okay! I hate the wind too - I have large pines in my yard so I keep thinking they may come falling down on the house. Yikes!

  2. So happy you guys are all safe and you had minimal damage! Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. So glad you are okay. I live in WA state so I have never experienced anything like that. I have been watching the storm on CNN and cannot believe some of the pictures we are seeing. I love your stamp organization. I have mine in two different places and it is hard to remember what is where. Think I need to make some changes also love your stamp book and I am going to be borrowing that idea. Take care.

  4. So glad to hear you are all OK after the hurricane! Love your stamp storage. I have been toying with the idea of an index book like that. Not right now tho, I have too many Christmas gifts to make!!

  5. Sorry about the damage to your property but glad it wasn't more severe!
    Love your storage systems! I'm using notebooks for stamps with pages I sewed but I will probably outgrow this soon! Always fun to see how others store things!

  6. I love your stamp book. I don't have many stamps but I bought an old Rolodex file to put all my ideas, directions, etc in. Now I just have to get them typed up. lol
    Glad you faired well through the hurricane.

  7. I am very impressed with the work you have gotten done on organizing your stamps. I especially like the book and the idea of going to the website and coping the picture to a file.

    I am glad your damage was sort of minimal. Sorry that you had any at all. I am really pleased that everyone in your home is safe!

  8. I'm glad you and your family are ok. I love the stamp catalog, it is a great idea! Thanks for all of your videos.

  9. Glad you and your family are ok! Love your stamp storage. Do you have any wood block mounted stamps and how do you store those? Again glad all is ok at your house. I have been praying for eveyones safety!

  10. Haven't watched the video yet, but have to tell you that I am very happy that you and your family are all OK. I watch your work all of the time and have for years. I love your talent and your sweet disposition. I have family in Boston and found out that they are OK, thank goodness.

  11. Thank goodness you didn't have any more damage than what you experienced. I don't like things that happen at night. It's much scarier than storms in the daytime. I'm so glad you didn't lose power. I like everything you've done with your stamp organization. You sure do have a lot of stamps!

  12. Wow Christina! That is scary stuff. I'm glad that it wasn't worse but that damage is still a lot!
    I'm glad you're all ok and glad that Scott was ok after going out in the middle of night.


  13. Good to hear your update Christine, have been following you blog for a while - I'm here in Brooklyn and did OK - but obviously the city is a huge mess now. Absolutely gut wrenching to read about The Crop Shop -, on their facebook page. They were flooded and all their merch was ruined from the look of the video they posted.