Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sneak Peek at my recipe book

Hi Everyone,
I'm slowly but surely working on a new recipe album. My album is inspired by one I saw on Nichol Magourick's blog and I thought it was a great idea. About 5 years ago when we sold our old house and moved into our new one Scott had accidentally donated all my cookbooks to the library. At the time the library would put donations out for sale. One day I was walking by the table and thought...hey look someone had the same cookbooks I do and look they used the little post it flags just like me to mark their pages...Well little did I know that those where actually my cookbooks. One of my goals this year is to start collecting new recipes and trying new dishes. So with that, I'm starting an album.
I'm using a Doodlebug 8x8 Album. I plan on decorating the little front insert and maybe adding Thomas Family Recipes est. 1997.

On the spine of the book I'm just going make a new tag that says recipes.

I already found some really cute recipe cards on the Silhouette Store that you can print and cut.

Here is the image I used from the Silhouette Store.

The cards measure 3x5 but I want to use some insert pages I have leftover from other projects that hold 4x6 photos. I decided to cut up a bunch of older October Afternoon papers from various collections that I know I won't be using and made backings for behind the cards.

My next step is to start thinking about how I want to divide the different categories? Right now I'm thinking of using my tab punch from Stampin' Up! 

I'll be back with more as I work on my album. Maybe a video once I'm done.

Have a great day everyone :)
Hugs and happy crafting,


  1. You are just too neat. My recipes live in a binder and each category is actually pocket folders where I just stick in recipes. Now, don't ask me whether I actually cook or bake.

  2. What a great idea! A friend of mine who is on the DT for Project Life suggested making a recipe book with Becky's page inserts. You put the recipes in the places where the 4x6 slots are....and then in the 3x4 slots you put a story behind the if it was something handed down to you. I think that's great but I wouldn't want to do it in a 12x12 format. I really think I'd like to do something like this for my kids with recipes I've "inherited".
    Very cool and I love the little 8x8 album.

    So...did you buy back your cookbooks? :)


  3. What a Super Yummy Idea! There are sooo many Great Cooks in my family that I need to start a recipe book before these delicious dishes go away with them. I know yours will turn out fabulous!

  4. Really like your idea! My recipes are all over the place, and I really need to get them organized. This would be a wonderful way to do it! Would be nice to see a video when you are done! I guess I also need a Silhouette ... lol

  5. FABULOUS!!! Love this idea sis. We need to do a quarterly recipe swap and we can get mom and Jaime to join ;) Hugs, T

  6. That is a really good idea, I have been trying to figure out a way to pass some of my recipes to my granddaughters and this looks like a really cute way to do that.

  7. it is a great idea I have been wanting to put a book together. can't wait for the video.

  8. Awww, i love your story.....probably a stupid question, but you did get all of your books back without having to pay for them right? tee hee....that is so sweet that you found them like that! :)

  9. I think you should video it as you go

  10. Looks like this will be a great project Christina. Let us know how it looks by doing a video when you are all done. Would love to see it.


  11. I'd like to know if you got all of your cookbooks back too ;) Or did you just decide to start over?

  12. Christina - I can't wait to see your progress on this project. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time - especially with some recipies that I have in my mom's handwriting.

    Marilyn C.


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