Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scrappin' on a Dime (February's 1st project)

Hi Everyone,
I am so excited about the new Scrappin' on a Dime series. I'm all happy and video makey inside :) hehe

Okay are you ready?
Here is the first video in the new series, I hope you enjoy it and play along by linking your projects each week below. Remember you don't have to use what I'm using, just pick a stamp set and a paper pad and each week create at least one project during the month with those items. Then upload them to your blog or photo sharing account and link them below :) Happy crafting

I really love Lawn Fawn and I only used the Sew Lovely set once when I first purchased it. It is a really cute set. I started off with my Seen and Noted papers and selected which papers coordinated best, I loved the red/orange and teal color combo. After that I did a quick sketch of a few card ideas and liked this simple one the best. I'm saving the other for the 3rd video in the series.

Watch below | Watch on You Tube

Okay now its time to link up your projects. 

I hope you enjoyed today's video and play along. If you didn't see the introduction video you can check it out HERE
Hugs and happy crafting, 


  1. "all happy and video makey"! I love it! Can't wait for the next episode! Sincerely, Linda Myers, Portland, Maine

  2. Loved it!! Inspires me to jump in and use my MANY stamps!!! another "Maina"

  3. Very cute stamp set! I love Lawn Fawn sets. :) thanks for taking the time to make/edit videos for us to see!

  4. Christina,
    You are too cute! tee hee.....I never go away from your blog without a smile on my face and a happy feeling in my heart! I love your talents, and creations but most of all I love your adorable personality, thank you for sharing the works of your heart, and for making is such a pleasant and fun experience...I <3 u! :)
    P.S. this new series of yours was a brilliant idea! I LOVE that you are encouraging all of us to "use what we have" and that it doesn't always have to be about buying the latest or something more!:) have a happy scrappy day, and " i cannot wait until you "makey" the next project!!! tee hee tee hee lol :)

  5. Super cute card. I love the way you wrapped the thread on the spool. Thanks!

  6. Great series. I have lots of stamp sets that I need to use again. Looking forward to joining in. Love the details you added like the thread on the top of the machine. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the card. And the new series is just what we all need. Now I don't feel so guilty when I see my 'stash'.

  8. Really cute card. This is my year to stop buying "most everything" I see and use what I have. This was a great idea from you to revisit some of my old stamps. I can't wait for the next project. THANKS!

  9. What a great Idea, I have stamp set that I have only used once, This is a great way to use them!! Really looking forward to this series!! Cheers Jennie

  10. Love this idea, and I know I wrote a comment yesterday, but it's not here. Where did it go, I wonder?

  11. I l9ve it this is simple and cute will be trying this out.

  12. Love the card. This series was a great idea - all of us have products we buy and hardly use. This helps us to get to thinking about what we can create. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us through your videos. I love all of them!

  13. I have greatly reduced my purchases lately as I am exploding out of my craftroom with stuff. I dedicated this year to really using bunches of it up. You were right on target with this series. Thank-you for picking up on an idea whose time has come for many of we die-hard card makers.