Monday, February 11, 2013

Sketch Book

Hi Everyone,
I mentioned Friday that I really needed a sketch book and while cleaning out my desk drawers Saturday I came across this notebook from Staples that I picked up a long time ago. The ARC notebooks are great and they have tons of different styles, sizes and accessories. You can customize this book by adding page dividers, to-do lists, graph paper, and note paper. It's a notebook lovers dream book :)

First I started off with the ARC book from Staples. I'm using the 6-3/8" x 8-3/4" book.
I'm not really pink girl but this bright pink pulled me in. 

For the pages I had picked up some extra packages of graph paper. 

I used the page dividers to separate sections for card and scrapbook sketches. I also made a section of jotting down ideas.

For the card sketches I used a ruler and black pen to make both vertical and horizontal templates on the front and back of each page. The paper is nice and thick and the color didnt' bleed through. 

Here is a look at two of my card sketch pages. 

and a scrapbook sketch.

Here is a photo of the completed cover :) I used the Seen and Noted paper pad to decorate my book. Guess we can call this a bonus project for Scrappin' on a Dime :)

I was on a roll with the cover and decided the page dividers needed a little dress up too. I tried not to layer to much so that it didn't make the book too bulky. 

 and here is the divider for the scrapbook sketches. 
I love how the book came out and I have it sitting right here on my desk for jotting ideas, creating sketches or going back and looking at old one. Have a fun day everyone,


  1. Oh sis this is awesome!!! Love how you decorated each divider and the cover is AMAZING!!!! Hugs, T

  2. Christina... love your blog and love when you share everyday things like a sketch book... I never learned with sketches but I am finding I am liking to sketch out my ideas recently... glad you found that notebook... and could use the graph paper in it! Very nice :) Kathi

  3. WOW!Great idea,I am going to make me one,thanks for the idea....

  4. I like this idea. I have a book that I've done sketches in but they are so random and this is so much more organized. I think loose-leaf is the way to go. Then you can add, subtract and rearrange the pages.

  5. Great idea! Love the way you decorated it, so pretty. TFS.

  6. Great book. I will have to check out if there's graph paper available for the little binder I have. That's such a great idea.

  7. Very fun idea, it turned out great! What kind of adhesive did you use to adhere your decorations to the front cover and the shiny divider pages?

  8. Wow ... beautiful sketch book! Love the way you decorated it! Graph paper is ideal for this project!

  9. Hello Christina another great idea now I am on my way to staples to get one and do sketches for my cards only.

  10. Love the notebook and yea for you - you already had it. Great idea and why to capture those ideas when you want them. I have gone through my purse many times and found sketches that popped in my head. Love your organized plan.

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  12. Hi Christina, I love your adorable pink sketch book!
    I have a small version of a sketch notebook i carry in my purse for those times when iam
    not at home and an idea pops into my head, this way iam sure not to forget it. i also use it to jot down
    cards in magazine at the book store , i would buy them all if i could but since they can get pricey i jot
    down some of my most favorite ones and when i have time i transfer them into my home sketch book. this has
    been an amazing help for me:)
    thank you as always for sharing your creations, you nevercease to amaze!:)

  13. Wonderful - lovely - fantastic! TFS
    Helen -- Firenze Cards