Friday, February 8, 2013

Stampin' on Friday (2/8/13) Personalized Card

Happy Friday :)
For all you in the Northeast who have some pretty nasty looking snow heading your way, be safe. We here are only looking at 5-8" but many of you are going to be getting much more. I will be thinking about you :)
Today's video is a card I made for Ethan, he'll be celebrating his 11th birthday later this month so I created him a personalized card. I can't believe he's going to be 11!

Watch below | Watch on You Tube
I hope you enjoyed today's card. I'm thinking I need to start a sketch book, I've been sketching cards on post-its but then they get tossed in the trash so I better start documenting these sketches so i can go back and look at them when I'm feeling stuck...
Have a great weekend everyone :)
Hugs and happy crafting,


  1. Christina, Hello!:)
    I just love Ethan's birthday card, he is such a lucky little man to have a mom like you ! I love the idea of the sketch journal you have, Honestly, i think if you were to publish and idea book like that people would buy it...something to think about?? have a wonderful and happy weekend :)
    Hugs Marianne

    1. it should read "an idea book" and not "and idea book" sorry about the typo :)

  2. Great card Christina and a big Happy Birthday to Ethan!

  3. Great card. I am working on my boys professional pictures and might steal that for a layout. I need to start an idea book also. I have cards and sketches saved on my laptop but my laptop is not in my craft room so I don't think to look at it too often.

  4. Happy Birthday to Ethan. Such a great card. Kristina Werner did a video on her blog about her sketch book. I'm not that organized, but I do have some sketches in a notebook and here and there. Now if only I could decipher what I wrote and what the sketch means, it would be wonderful!

  5. What a really cute the idea of using a picture of the receiver! I think most kids would love this idea! Will have to remember this. Very nice, Christina.