Monday, March 18, 2013

Scrap Room Organizing: Stamp and Ink Storage

Hi Everyone :)
Today's video is how I store my clear/wooden stamps along with how I store my ink pads.
I did a more detailed video on how I store my stamps a while back (HERE) so I decided to do a combo video on stamps and ink pad storage.

Watch below | Watch on You Tube

Here are a few links to what I use.
CD/DVD Rack from Ikea
DVD Cases from
CD Cases from
Stamp Pad Organizer from
Distress Ink Organizer from
Organize More doesn't seem to have the one unit I use for distress inks in stock so I linked to one similar:)
Have a great day everyone :)


  1. Hi,great video..I also use the Ikea Cd racks but the wooden ones....the rest of my stamps and inks are in the drawers of the Ikea Helmer they (have 3) are under a worktop and so very easy....
    My whole room is filled with Ikea storage solutions ....Billy Bookcases and Ikea boxes ...all so handy and not expensive.

  2. Thanks Christine I love your room. I keep getting things that will do but are not made for ink pads and they are just ok. It would be nice to get something that is made for the ink pads. I got my paper holders from Oriental Trading and I love them. Thanks so much for the tip. Linda

  3. Thanks for the video. You can easily unmount your wooden stamps by microwaving for only ten seconds, then peel them off the wood. Then spread a LIGHT layer of "tack it over and over" glue and let dry. You can then use them on an acrylic block just like the clear ones. I unmounted hundreds of them a few years back and LOVE it. Saves so much space.