Monday, April 22, 2013

Scrap Room Organizing: Marker Storage

Hi Everyone,
Today's scrap room organizing video is how I store my markers.

Watch Below | Watch on You Tube

For a while these cubbies where not available anymore but I'm happy to see them back.
I hope you enjoyed today's video and if I'm storing my Distress Markers wrong...Please let me know. I'm not sure what to do with those???
Have a great day:

Studio 3 Solutions Color Cubbies



  1. Nice storage for Copics and other pens! I have a container that I got at Goodwill but I don't have quite the collection you do! LOL!

    I think you are fine storing your Distress inks horizontally. I do have a question about the white gel pens you have trouble with the flow storing them horizontally? I always thought they needed to be stored vertically but I still have trouble if I store them vertically if I don't use them for a while.

  2. I read on the Sakura web site, that it's best to store the gell pens vertically, with the tip pointing down. So, I changed mine from horizontal, and they do work better now. As for the Distress pens, you definitely need to store them horizontally, so that both tips get an even flow of ink.

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  4. Your storage arrangement looks quite nice and tidy. Luckily all your markers are the same size. I’m trying to figure out how to get a system that not only stores my different types of markers nicely, but in a storage solution that works for all the sizes (too deep and I’ll have a fidgety time getting at the shorter pens; too shallow and the longer ones will fall out easily). If you know/hear about something that might help, please point me in the right direction!