Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scrap Room Organizing: Die Storage Update (Again)

Hi Everyone,
Today's video is a little update to my die storage system.
This revision to my system was inspired by a video that Jennifer McGuire did last week showing how she stores her stamp sets (Check out her blog).

Watch Below | Watch on You Tube

Here is the system I posted a few weeks back:
Watch Below | Watch on You Tube

You can see the original posting on this HERE

Here are the supplies I used:
Crate came from Target
CD Sleeves
Plastic File Folders (From Big Lots)
Label Maker (Dymo)

I really like this system and will stick with this one for a long time to come.

I may not have a Stampin' on Friday video for you this week. I'm going to try and get one together but we are leaving for a few days of family time Thursday afternoon and I still need to pack everything to take with us. We will see how the day plays out tomorrow (or today when you read this)
Have a great 4th of July.
Hugs to all,
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  1. Looks like I will be redoing my die storage now. Great video.

  2. I always love your ideas, so helpful. Thank you

  3. Humm I left a comment yesterday but do not see it posted. I love this idea and asked of the white piece in the envelope is text paper or is it a magnet sheet? I really like this idea and think it would work for me. I have a twirl card holder stand that I use now and the dies are in cd cases but I can only get three cd cases in each slot. This would be a lot thinner and would work perfect. Thanks for the video I love the idea and you tips and cards and all you do.

    1. Hi Billie :)
      I did use copy paper inside. Magnet sheet was too heavy in my binder system and ended up tearing the binder holes so I decided not to use it anymore and just slipped the copy paper in so that it was easier to see the die and I could then slip extra cuts on the back side of the paper.
      Hugs, Christina
      PS I thought I saw your first comment the other day in my email. I don't know where it went either????

  4. Thanks so much Christina for feed back on my question. I am going to get some of those, it would sure give me more room for my dies vs. the cd cases in my card twirl holder. You have great ideas on the "how too". Love what you did to your moms place. Going to watch your paper video now.. Thanks again and big HUGS.

  5. I too left a comment yesterday and it's not here.

  6. I think both the binder and this new filing system make great die storage ideas. I have previously used normal envelopes to store all of my collections which worked well too, but were not transparent, thus making it kind of difficult to search for what I was looking for exactly. This system that you have came up with seems more user-friendly and will definitely saves a lot of time.