Monday, September 22, 2014

Cricut Explore Design Space Video

Hi Everyone,
Happy Monday :)
Did I mention how much fun I'm having with the Cricut Explore? I know I did...I just love this machine.

Today's video is a walk through of the features and buttons on the Design Space program. It is so easy and makes the process of designing flow smoothly. Here is a video on some basics of Design Space.
I can't wait for the Print and Cut feature to come out this week :)

Watch Below | Watch on You Tube
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Have a great day everyone,
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  1. Great tutorial on the machine. Can you create your own image and load it into this machine from a usb drive?

    1. Hi Nancy. Ken from (he also has a blog) has a few wonderful tutorials that will answer your questions. He also responds to emails quickly. <3Kim

    2. Hi Nancy, yes you can by loading them as an .jpg and .svg or .png file. I'll show more on that soon. Hugs Christina

  2. I'd love to know the answer to Nancy's question. I've watched the video - will go over it a few more times once I get my Explore plugged in. So far we've only unboxed it and found a home for it near my computer in the office/craft areas. Onward we go! Thanks, Christina.

    1. Hi Charlotte
      Yes you can. I'll be doing more videos soon with more step by step instructions. Today's was a quick way to introduce you to the basics of the program :)
      hugs Christina

  3. I am getting very excited by everyones videos - my hubby already said he is getting me one for Christmas. I usually like to be surprised so it is going to feel like forever for December to get here. Thanks for a wonderful video Christina!! I look forward to many more.