Friday, February 13, 2015

It's your special day | Embossing Paste and an update

Hi Everyone,
Happy Friday. What a winter. Ethan's had so many school closings and delays it's crazy. We normally don't have this many, but wow! we are packing them on this year. Last week there was only one full day of school, the rest was either closed or delayed for weather. Today was a delay for below zero temps. It's been a wild winter so far and this weekend it's gonna be even wilder with even more below zero temps and a little snow. For those of you who live in the Northeast you've had it much worse than we have. I hope you are all doing well and staying warm in your craft rooms.

I've been working on some projects around the house. Right after Christmas we painted our entire first floor (dining room, living room, and entry). Last week I did work in our master bedroom, and cleaned our master bath from top to bottom. This weekend it's Ethan's turn to have his room ripped apart and finally painted. He's turning 13 in two weeks and it's time to update his little man cave. I pinned a few room ideas and he picked the color scheme he liked best. Grey walls and red accents. Right after school we hit Home Depot and he selected his color. I've never witnessed such a quick selection of paint before, less than two minutes...I wish it was that easy for me when I'm selecting colors. I'll post pictures on Facebook and Instragram when it's all done, if you are interested. Monday is a make-up snow day, so while he's at school Scott and I will be working in his room.

Enough blabbering, now on to today's video.
I have another birthday card of you today. I hope you enjoy.
[supplies are linked below at the bottom of this blog post]
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Have a great weekend everyone,
See you back here soon :)
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  1. I love the look of this card! Now, I need to find some embossing paste to give it a try, too. We have been pretty lucky here in Phila; only a few icy mornings and a couple of inches of snow one day. We are hoping that New Englanders don't have too much more snow to deal with! It is really cold this weekend, here, with strong winds, so it's winter all over, I guess. Hurry up Spring!

  2. You are a busy lady. Decorating, painting - I hate even starting because you get the domino effect where one thing continually leads to another. Your card is beautiful. I have done this technique and love it. I've also just used texture paste, let it dry, replaced the stencil and gone over it with Versamark, then embossing powder. Where I got that from I can't remember. Maybe Jennifer McGuire? Loving the colors of SSS inks too!

  3. Very nice card Christina! And I love the colour.
    Is your son really going to be 13? I knew I have been following your blog for a long time but WOW, REALLY? 13? Happy Birthday to him!
    I live in Nova Scotia , and we are expecting another nor'easter tomorrow! UGH! On the bright side, today I have my housework caught up and I am totally prepared so tomorrow will be a fun day (all alone) in my craft room. I'm actually looking forward to it. Stay in where you are as well!

  4. A really nice card Christina and it would be great for a young man as it's tailored and doesn't have any foo foo on it. We gals like our doo dads and foo foo. lol
    Thanks Christina it's a great card.