Thursday, July 16, 2015

Craft Room Tour

Hi Everyone,
Today's video is a tour of my craft room. I mentioned a few videos back that I've been working on my room and I'm finally ready to share. I hope you enjoy this video tour.
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Here are some links:
Room Color: Behr Hushed Hallow
Target Desk:
Alex 9 Drawer Unit:
Best Wall Unit:
Kallax (Aka Expedit)
Kallax Drawer Inserts:
Ink Pad Storage:

Threshold Storage Bins:

Just a note. I'm working on the categories here on my blog and hope to have them done very soon. I have over 1000 blog posts so it's been taking me a long time to get them organized and easier for you to use. Stay tuned. Have a great day everyone.
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  1. Christina,
    Love your video....I need to get organized and was able to get some ideas from your video...first stop IKEA. Thank you!

    1. I love ikea. Ours is two hours away so I wait till I have more than one reason to head to Philadelphia. Last year we took our vacation and flew out from Philly, Hello Ikea. LOL Hugs Christina

  2. In the several years I've been following you I think I've gone through several craft room changes with you. I did not see your wall of CD racks with your stamp sets. Are they all now hiding in the closet? And what did you do with all those punches that used to hang on the Ikea racks? Also, I guess I'm lucky to have the room to keep my machines out and not behind closed doors. I don't think I'd use them if I had to drag them into place. My Expression, however, since I have the Explore, is on a shelf. I noticed you have your Stickles right side up. Mine are upside down, as somewhere in my journeys I was told that's the way to store them. What I didn't see, and what I cannot recommend enough because I too am a stamper, is the MISTI tool. Christina, it's so TERRIFIC. Check out some videos on it when you have a chance. And thanks again for your organizational info. I too find Jennifer McGuire invaluable for stuff like that.

    1. Hi Charlotte, I'm a little OCD when it comes to organizing. I buy something new and I organize. Or if I feel overwhelmed I organize, or if my mojo has went on vacation, I organize. Stamps rails are gone. Ethan uses them in his room now for his video games. I did downsize my stash of stamps a while back here on my blog when I realized I was spending way to much money and buying stamps that most times I never used. Now when I buy it's with a project or two in mind. My room is small, so I have to keep my machines away, but everything can easily be setup on my little kitchen island and plugged in. I filmed this video a few weeks ago and have since plugged machine cords in. just need to take them out and set them on top when I'm ready to work. No Misti for me. I have seen some great videos but haven't found a good enough reason to get one just yet. Maybe some day. Have a great weekend. Hugs, C

  3. Hey Christina - I am a long time follower and always love your craft room tours! I was so excited to see th update and love the paint color on the wall too. GREAT JOB!!!

    Marilyn C.

    1. Thank you Marilyn. Have a great weekend. Hugs, C

  4. Hi Christina, I do enjoy your craft room makeover videos. I too am a long time follower. My only comment is while I love the paint color, it would be WAY too dark for me to work without putting on a lot of lights. The older I get, the more I need natural light to do my crafting.
    I live in Lancaster and I hope that your trip to the scrapbooking stores included Farmhouse Memories, in Paradise, my all time favorite place in Lancaster County. The owner, Rachel, is absolutely delightful, very creative and has quite a unique way of doing cards - with fabrics. Not only does she have tons of scrapbooking/card making supplies, but has many bolts of fabric. The shop is in an old farmhouse. It is worth another trip if you have not been there.

  5. I was going to ask you to share the names of the stores you visited. We are in SE PA. All of the small stores are gone in my area, just chain stores left. We are planning some day trips this summer and love to include a stop there!

  6. LOVE the organization...your craft room is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Did I hear you say you have 10ml laminate for the Minc? Where did you find 10ml laminate?? How do you use it in the Minc? I'm working on some tags and 10ml laminate would be perfect.

    1. Thank you :)
      I picked up the 10ml Laminate on Amazon. Works great with the minc. I used the 4th setting to laminate :) I made a cover for my Erin Condren planner and I'm working on bookmarks now.
      Hugs, Christina