Monday, May 16, 2016

How I Plan With Inkwell Press

Hi Everyone,
Today's video I'm sharing how I plan with my Inkwell Planner A5 inserts. I have two planners currently, one for home that I use as my to-do lists and appointments. The other is my work planner that I use for my list at work and meetings.

If you are interested in trying out the Inkwell Press planner but don't want to commit to buying the whole planner system just yet, try out their Quarterly Inserts. That is how I tried them out and I fell in love with the Flex style, colors schemes and overall setup of the planner.

I hope you enjoy today's video:
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  1. I just keep a week-at-a-glance spiral calendar open in the kitchen to jot down appointments and babysitting schedules, events, etc. That's about as organized as I get. My to-do lists change daily sometimes, so post it notes work for that. Wow, you're super organized - even down to spring cleaning. I am so impressed. TFS.

  2. Christina...Thanks so much for the Inkwell Planner video. Wow 2 planners...sooo organized. I am sharing this video with my daughter, who just happens to work in a library as well. She is Head of Childrens services and I just know this might help her out. Thanks so much for the coupon. Sorry but I had to send this anonymous....cannot figure out how to send comment
    (P.S.) Again so happy you are back :) Missed your ideas and inspiration

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