Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cricut Design Space Video Series 8, 9, and 10

Hello everyone,
Today is the last set of videos on Cricut Design Space. I loved making these video and I'm thrilled that you all are finding them very helpful.

Video #8 we'll be talking about splicing.
Watch Below | Watch on You Tube

Video #9 is a quick video on how to upload your own images.
Watch Below | Watch on You Tube

Video #10 is the last in the series and we're looking at the Print and Cut Feature.
Watch Below | Watch on You Tube

If you missed the other videos in the series...
Video #1 Overview
Video #2 Toolbar
Video #3 Working w/ Images
Video #4 Working w/ text and aligning 
Video #5 Welding text and images
Video #6 Hide Contour
Video #7 Flatten Images and adding patterns

Cricut Maker Machine

Thanks everyone for putting up with all these videos. I'll be back with another video possibly Friday. Have a great day. Christina


  1. Wow, you got the Maker! I have one too. I'm not using it as much b/c my Air2 is real close to my computer and, being lazy, I don't have to get up from my chair to load it as I would for the Maker. Important to note on slicing, you can only slice one layer into one layer, but you did a great job on the split monogram. I've done several of those in vinyl on Dollar Tree trivets, mugs, etc. And there's a size limit for print then cut and I believe it still depends on the browser you're using. It's much larger than it used to be and now there's that black box instead of those little "L" shaped things in 3 corners. I think anyone with an Explore or Maker can definitely learn a bunch from what you've done.

  2. Thank you for the videos!! love your tutorials and you! I vote you as Cricut Ambassador!!!