Monday, July 30, 2018

Craft Room Update (Video)

Hi Everyone,
Lots has been done in the craft room, but it's a total mess.
I've been working on painting and organizing the past week or so and have made some progress, but I  still have a ways to go.

I have a video update for you today, but before we get to that I wanted to share with you my plan for the room. Only you, my blog followers will get to see this...

This is the original plan we first came up with, but I have made a small change to the island.
The cabinets will be done in a painted grey finish and the counter is a quartz top that is mostly white with streaks of grey in it.

I had planned on doing both sides of the work island as drawers, but after a little thought I decided to go with drawers on one side and a door on the other. The new island space gives me plenty of work room and lots of storage. I have it designed so I can work from either side of the island.

This next photo is just a side view of the room. It shows how I have seating on both sides of the work space. 

I have a few weeks to wait for the cabinets to come and then I'll have another week or more for the counter to be templated and then installed. I think waiting for cabinets is worse than waiting for them in your kitchen. I don't remember feeling like it was going to take forever when my kitchen was torn apart.

So now for the video: It's short and sweet, but stay tuned. I'll have more to come with organizing.

 Have a great day and I'll see you back here soon.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Craft Room Update

Hi Everyone,
Here is an update on my space.

After doing some local shopping looking for the perfect furniture (we don't have an IKEA close by), we ended up making the decision to do it the right way by building in cabinets.

I'm sooooo excited. I can't wait! It is going to take a few weeks, so I'll share more as we finalize what we're doing. I will say I'm already on the hunt for lots of storage solutions. My label maker is going to get a workout that's for sure.

As for the room.... Well, here it is. I am still working on packing everything up. My mind is spinning with ideas and at the same time I'm overwhelmed. We really do accumulate a lot of products.

This corner still is waiting to be boxed. I held off on this one for a bit because, for me, it's that corner you don't know what you're going to do with.

My office desk has been moved out and the pile of packed boxes keeps growing. 

The dreaded corner...

Is now cleaned out. I'm thinking I might put a cart for my printer and die cutters next to the window that won't block the bookshelves like the other cabinet did.

Okay I know you thought wow look how cleaned out that corner is. It's all just on the other side of the room. lol

Oh my gosh...this angle is worse.

Thats the update for today. I'll be back to share another post update or maybe a video update soon. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hello Hello Hello! Craft Room/Office redo?

Hi everyone,
I know it’s been ages and I’m so sorry to be gone for so long. Life just got really busy and I haven’t been motivated to craft at all. I’ve done a project here and there but nothing super-exciting.

 I’ve decided I just really need to purge and reorganize and get my craft space the way I want it. I have all these DIY ideas I want to try out and share, but my space is just a mess. It got really bad over the winter months and honestly I haven’t really been in my room except for a few projects I did for friends. Maybe a redo of the space will get me motivated again.

 Do you want to follow the journey of redoing my space with me? I can't promise I will video record the whole thing as most times it is just picking things up and sorting, which isn't super entertaining, but I do promise to post updates here on my blog. I'll do a video or two when I get to more exciting things.

I’ve started to sort out and even move out some pieces of furniture. I will tell you, as much as I love the Target version of the Kalax units. I’m not a big fan of how they hold supplies. Sometimes you just need small drawers to make separating and storage more easy to access. The big 13" cubes sometimes are too much.
If you didn't see the last video I did on my space. You can see it here: Video Tour
Here are a few photos of what I’ve done so far. I cleaned off my desk and emptied the drawers as well as emptied out a cubby section that had some sewing supplies along with vinyl and scrapbooks. 

 This sections I haven't touched yet, but was hoping you all had some inspiration for this area. I think I over crowded it with too much furniture around my bookcase.

Scott went and got me a ton a boxes to help sort out what I’m going to keep in my room and what I’m going to store in the storage area.

This corner had my Kallax's now empty and being used as a staging area for sorting.

That's all I have for right now. I hope you enjoy my journey as I get back into crafting and sharing again.
Love to all and a huge thank you for checking in to see how I was doing.