Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Craft Room Tour 2018

Hi Everyone,
I'm so excited to share with you my renovated craft room. I'm feeling so grateful and blessed right now and am ready to jump into creating again. There are more photos and information about my room below this video. Enjoy.
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and here are the other two videos I've done on organizing my cardstock and ink storage.

Cardstock Organization:

Ink Organization:

For the wall color we used Urban Raincoat by Behr. The lighting in my room makes it a soft shade of blue on sunny days and a light gray blue on rainy days.

My countertop is quartz and by Silestone called Eternal Calcacatta Gold. As soon as I saw it I knew it was meant for my craft room. 

The new desk/island measures 32" x 62". I just love the amount of space I now have. 

A view of my ink storage. Got to love all those colors. 

The cabinets are by HomeCrest and the paint color is called willow. 

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  1. Your craft room looks great! You have so much storage, you know what that means? You get to buy more stuff, lol. Looks great Christina!

    1. Thanks Roxanna. Oh I've been doing my fair share of shopping while I've been waiting. So many new things I just had to have. Now I finally get to use them :)

  2. Your craft room is over the top. I am so jealous!!!!! lol It took some time to do this room but well worth the wait.

    1. Thank you :) I told my husband this was worse than waiting for the kitchen remodel. That I could just oder take out and be done. This was torture.

    2. Beautiful room I hope it gives you years of pleasure.

  3. Your craft room is beautiful and so well organized. The entire layout is really well thought out. Well done!!

  4. Christina I love the room!!!!! This is by far the nicest space that I have seen you work in. It's gorgeous! I love the neutral color palette! So clean! The counter tops is perfect! I want to go that route but I don't own my own home just yet, hopefully next year we will be buying so that dream craft room of mine will have to wait just a little longer lol. Truly love how neat and organized your space is and I love that monitor for your videoing! I do have a question... can you please email me the links to the drawer dividers that you have and those home goods baskets? I have a few Interdesign pieces already that I do love but they tend to get costly when You need a gazillion of them lol. And I love the drawer dividers... I need some :)
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  5. Love it! So inspiring! I'm anxious to upgrade to better cabinet storage someday!

  6. Your craft room is ideal for others and i am very jealous when i saw your craft room. I have also create a toys room for my kids and one of them is very Nauti, in baby stroller and when he see brothers and sisters, he shouted and happy a lot.