Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy Sunday Everyone,
I hope you are having a good weekend.
It's time to announce the selection of this weeks' Linkup Party.

The challenge for week 5 was to use flowers. I really loved them all and it was really hard to select one for this week.
I had to call in help from Scott, and he made the selection this time. We both love Charlotte's watercolor postcard. It's just stunning. The colors and gold/rose gold embossing just makes the water coloring even more beautiful. I'm jealous of your watercoloring skills Charlotte and need to practice.

Here is her card. It's been added to our Pinterest page. Thanks Charlotte for participating and I sent you an email so I can send you the giveaway for this week.

Have a great rest of the weekend and I'll see you back here tomorrow for the next Linkup Party.

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  1. Gorgeous card! I can see why you (and Scott) chose it. I have got to remember to play along in your link-ups, Christina. I just don't know where the time goes. By the time I remember each week, the deadline has passed. I guess I just need to mark it on my calendar. At any rate, thanks for doing this! :) ~ Andrea

  2. Congrats, beautiful card! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.